Ok, so I have these photos to post and most of them have some commentary to go with them so bare with me. Let me set the scene........on Sunday the boys wore their matching sweaters to church and looked OH SO cute in them, so when we got home, I thought I would take a few pictures. No problem right. Pictures of the boys, pictures of Brian with the boys, pictures of me with the it possible to get a picture of all 4 of us, maybe with the self-timer on the camera. So we attempted that....then I think, is it possible to get a picture of all 4 of us PLUS Lucy the dog - Brian laughs at me but I think we should try. See below and don't laugh too hard!
The boys together - SOOOO CUTE! Except for Levi looks like he is on drugs - but still very cute!
Brian and the boys - they are so handsome and Levi was even smiling a little. And Brian is holding both of them at the same time - ouch on the back!
Me and the boys - not holding both, Isaiah is standing on a TV tray and Levi looks very scared but still cute!

Group family photo - sort of cute. All smiles except for Levi. I was just glad he was looking at the red flashing light and didn't look away. We put the camera on the banister and set the timer, it was quite funny but it worked so hey! Looks like someone was standing there asking us to pose for a picture, no one would ever know.
Here comes the funny ones!!!!!!!
Me and Isaiah looking normal and smiling, Levi looks scared and Brian is trying his hardest to control Lucy but she can't stop kissing him. Brian doesn't seem to mind though - still a happy family!
Levi - looking very scared!
Brian - looks mad that the camera didn't give us more time
Isaiah - starting to cry because Lucy tried to "get him"
Lucy - looking like she is possibly being choked to death
AND Me - laughing so hard I can't even think straight!
OH MY!!!!! Enjoy!!

CUTE PHOTOS (1.27.09)

Here are a few cute photos of the boys that I couldn't resist posting!
Isaiah smiling!
And my favorite - Levi climbing up the stairs - where he isn't suppose to be - and then being caught and laughing at me - hahaha! He is a daredevil for sure!

GO PANTHERS!! (1.18.09)

As promisied here is a picture of the boys sporting their new HPU Panthers shirts. They look sooooo cute! They had to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath it because it is sooo cold here. They are so cute and Levi is so funny, when I got the camera out he just stands really still, I think he likes having his picture made.
Does anyone notice the LARGE bruise on his forehead?? Well, let me tell you what happened. We were coming in the house from the basketball game and I put Levi down right outside the door so I could get my keys out and open the door. He tripped forward and hit his head on the door, screaming.....lots of screaming! I unlocked the door super fast so that our neighbors didn't call the police from all the screaming! I thought he hit his eye so I was checking out his eye and didn't even notice - not sure how - the place on his forehead. Then Isaiah said, MOM - look at Levi's head. OH MY GOSH - I freaked out! It looks really bad. Thankfully this morning the goose egg look is gone, just really bruised and has a little cut in the middle. See more pictures below. After it happened, I kept him up for awhile to make sure he wasn't acting weird. Poor little guy! There goes my mom of the year award AGAIN! Only 18 days into the new year and I have already lost it! SAD TIMES!


I have been meaning to post this for a week or so now and just keep forgetting. I am always using that as an excuse aren't I?? Oh well! My friend April sent it to me and some other ladies and I thought it was very sweet. If you have ever had a really great girlfriend or group of friends, then this will touch your heart! I did cry the first time I watched it, sitting at work at my desk hoping no one would ask me why I was crying....haha! Anyway, if you want to watch go ahead. I realize this isn't a usual post about one of the kids but for whatever reason I thought someone out there might like it! It's called Transcending Women.

I am so thankful to have fabulous friends in my life!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (1.16.09)

Ok, so Happy New Year about 2 weeks too late! Sorry folks! Life is busy as you all know. We are rocking along here. Not much new to report. The boys are still enjoying all of their Christmas presents and we are looking forward to Isaiah's 5th birthday next month - that seems hard to believe!

Brian is busy at work with men's basketball stuff and traveling and such. We have been going to lots of games of course and I just broke down today, finally, and bought the boys HPU Panthers t-shirts to wear to the games - the few that are left. So, I will be sure to post a picture of them wearing their matching shirts!

Until then, enjoy a few recent pictures (actually the first photos of 2009 Morgan Family, or at least that is how it is saved on my computer) of the boys being silly around the house! Love you all and I won't promise to post more because I always break it. I will get to it when I can! How's that! Photos below!

Levi being "tough guy" - and apparently trying to sing or something!

Isaiah and COWBOY Levi - he loves this hat!!!!!

Another cowboy Levi photo!

And last but not least - the boys wearing their YO GABBA GABBA hats and gloves - compliments of Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jimmy for Christmas!!!

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY BRIAN!!! (12.28.2008)

We celebrated Brian's 40th Birthday on December 28th. Well, actually we celebrated on the 29th because he was gone to Minnesota on a basketball trip on the 28th. He came home on the 29th and we gave him his presents and I took him out to dinner. He thought the dinner was going to be just me and him at Cypress Inn for a yummy dinner but one of his best friends from college Marc Sims and his wife Christi came to meet us. Brian was so thrilled, we had not seem them in years and it was great to catch up. We laughing and talking the whole time, we closed the place down and it was so fun!! I think Brian really loved it. 40 years is pretty significant so I tried to make it super special for him and I think he liked it all. Enjoy a few pictures from our "party"!!!

Brian with the boys on his birthday!
He and Isaiah blowing out the candles!
His cake - cute candles huh!!!

CHRISTMAS 2008 (12.25.2008)

So, we made a trek to Alabama for Christmas and had loads of fun! I am way behind on my blogging so I am basically just going to post some pictures because I can't think of what to type about our trips since it was weeks ago and I am just now getting to this. BUSY BUSY!

Ok, well some of the highlights were: going to a Bama Basketball game (and seeing Joni Crenshaw), seeing John and Maggie (and kids), having dinner with The Coggins' and The Minor Family at Jason's Deli, having lunch with KB, hanging out one evening with Pat, Stacia, Morgan and Evan Roberts - YEAH SO FUNNNN!!! What else? oh christmas was good too, and Levi got his hair cut and the boys got lots of great toys and I got to see my family!! And we celebrated Brian's 40th birthday (see another post about that) and eating at Taco Casa - soooooo yummy!!! I am sure I am forgetting some stuff but I hit some of the highlights. Ok, enjoy a few pictures below!

Santa goods on Christmas morning!

The kids with Ganny and Pops on Christmas Eve.

Isaiah, Levi and Jolea on Christmas Eve in their matching BROBEE PJ's!!
Isaiah and Levi - don't they look sooooo cute!

Isaiah riding his new bike that Ganny and Pops got for him!

The kiddos had so much fun with my parents! We did have a sad moments, when Jack - my parents dog of 15 plus years - died on the 23rd. It was very sad times and his companion Jill is doing ok but from what my mom says is howling alot and must miss Jack alot! SAD!!

Oh and I almost forgot about my girl's night with April, Jessica and Joanne. We went to Jessica's lakehouse for one evening and it was soooooo much fun! You ladies are my bestest friends and I enjoyed every moment with ya'll. And Brian and the boys (and Lucy, the dog) staying back in Birmingham with Alan (April's husband) and their 3 kids. Apparently the braved the zoo and the park with 2 dad's and 5 children ages 6 and under! WOW - we were impressed, just goes to show what good daddy's they are! Anyway, us girls sure enjoyed our time away!

Alrighty, I promise to TRY and be better about my blogging - it's get hard at times but I will try my hardest to do a better job!!! Love to you all!

LEVI'S 1ST HAIRCUT (12.23.08)

Levi's got his first haircut while in Alabama for Christmas! It is soooooo cute and he did so good, never cried or got upset or anything. After seeing his hair cut now, it looks adorable and he really did look like a girl before, poor little guy!! Enjoy some video and pictures!

I loved the kid's haircut place where they have the car's they sit in and watch TV. Levi was too concerned that he would miss something on Elmo so he paid little attention to the lady actually cutting his hair! Isaiah also got a haircut too - see video below of him!