And here is my version - I think I actually did 30. ENJOY!

1 – My favorite color is green. I like all things green. I would choose a green anything over any other color every time. And my favorite candy is GREEN apple jolly ranchers. I always eat the green candy first, even if it isn’t flavored like M&M’s – weird, I know.

2 – I love Alabama. That is where my heart is always. No matter where I live, I will always want to be back in Alabama – it’s just where I feel most comfortable.

3 – I am the world’s worst speller. I am so bad and I would kiss the person who came up with that red squiggly line in Microsoft that underlines your misspelled words, it is so fabulous. AND, I hate when people send me emails that have words misspelled when I know it is coming from their Microsoft Outlook – don’t you see the RED UNDERLINED WORD, its misspelled dummy! You right click and choose the correct spelling, it’s super easy!

4 – I HATE shoes! I know, not the normal thing a girl would say but I do. If I could live in a land with no shoes I would be happy. I tolerate flip-flops but I would prefer my feet be free most of the time. I take my shoes off whenever possible. I don’t own a lot of shoes because why would I spend money on things I don’t like. I am not the girl on vacation that brings a suitcase of clothes and a suitcase of shoes. I am the one that brings 2 pairs of flip-flops and makes it work for every occasion no matter what the weather is.

5 – Relating to #4, I will always choose comfort over fashion. I like plain clothes; I am not really into that. Maybe because I live with 3 boys or maybe because that’s just who I am. I envy people who always look super cute all the time because I know that will never be me. I just don’t have the mental energy to spend on all of that, I wish I did but I just don’t.

6 – I love my husband. I don’t know if many other people get him like I do but I wish they did. He is very funny and so caring and the best dang father anyone has ever seen. Marrying him was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I mostly don’t regret it – hahaha, just kidding on the mostly!

7 – I love fruit, all kinds of fruit. I would literally eat it until I got sick and then go eat more. It’s my favorite food group – although I don’t think fruit is a food group. You get the point.

8 – I like to use ! (exclamation point)’s A LOT! I mean A LOT! I don’t know why, they are just more fun than a plain ole’ period. See what I mean!!!

9 – I am what you call a middle of the day person. I don’t like to stay up late at all and I don’t like to get up early in the morning. I am at my best in the middle of the day!

10 – I really love to sew! I love to see a piece of fabric become something. I dream of having more time to sew and people to sew for. I am however, not a perfectionist so I could never sew for money because I don’t have to have things perfect.

11 – I am a dog person (I say this as I sit here listening to Lucy, our dog, SNORE)! Ironically, I use to be terrified of dogs, or at least big dogs that is. But I am over that mostly now.

12 – I do not like scary movies or anything scary for that matter. I see these crazy movie previews on TV about scary stuff and I literally think in my head – what kind of person actually enjoys that and can sleep? It’s a mystery to me. I can’t watch Law and Order anymore because it is always about somebody being killed or some little kid being taken and it stresses me out and gives me nightmares so I avoid it!

13 – I love beauty pageants! Ironic after reading #4 and #5 I know but I do. I like to see the pretty dresses. I must confess that I have been in a few pageants myself before – ok, I think maybe I ought to have kept that to myself.

14 – I love my parents a lot! I am very close to them. I talk to my mother daily. My parents give in so many ways to my sister and me unconditionally all the time. And they are the best grandparents anyone could ever ask for. I am convinced that my children and my niece would choose my parents over me or my sister (or husbands) at most points! I think that is very sweet!!!

15 – Speaking of my niece, the sweet little JOLEA, she is half named after me. My sister’s middle name is JO and my middle name is LEA – now say it together JOLEA! And it irritates me when people don’t pronounce it correctly, which happens all the time!

16 – My oldest son Isaiah is quite possibly the smartest person I know. He can see a movie once and quote EVERY line from it. And he never forgets anything. He is hysterical all the time and I am proud to be his momma!

17 – I love watching movies (not scary ones though)! I love getting sucked into the story line. Usually after I watch a good movie I feel like I am right there in the story with them. Same with a good book, it makes me sad when it is over because I feel like the characters are my friends.

18 – Speaking of friends, I have the BEST, hands down Best Girlfriends on the planet. I have no doubt that if I have a crisis they would be by my side through it all. I also have no doubt that these girls will be sitting in the pews when my children get married, host a baby shower for my daughter in law for my first grandchild and be there when God forbid I have to bury my parents. They will be my friends for life. I live for our moments together, our beach trips, our lake trips or just a simple phone call or email. If you are one of those people to me, you know it; I don’t have to name names!

19 – My youngest son, Levi has the best smile and laugh. He is so happy (most of the time) and he loves to hug and kiss. He is such a good baby and I am sometimes shocked at how different he is from his older brother. And (I say this with a smile on my face) I am his favorite. All the time, well, most all of the time!

20 – I don’t like to cook. I don’t mind having cereal for dinner, it doesn’t phase me. I like going out to eat because someone else is cooking. It just doesn’t interest me. What can I say? Thank goodness I married a man who does or I would starve!

21 – I like to take baths at night. It is relaxing. I wish I had a huge bathtub to fill up with bubble and soak every night. That would be dreamy!

22 – I don’t drink a lot of soda but when I do, I like Orange soda – like Sunkist. It’s good! And Wal-Mart’s store brand – Orangette is super yummy and cheap!!! (Microsoft Word is telling me that Orangette is misspelled but I know it isn’t!)

23 – I am a Christian. I don’t read my Bible as often as I should and I surely don’t pray without ceasing but I strive to be better, a better Christian, a better example to others, a better follower of Christ. God is teaching me something always. Right now it is patience and I guess I am hard headed because He just keeps on teaching it!!!!!!!!

24 – I believe that life begins at conception. So therefore, I don’t believe that abortion is ever appropriate, ever, regardless of the situation. It is not our right to choice when life begins and ends. I have burned in my memory my first ultrasound of Isaiah when I was 5 weeks pregnant and the nurse pointed to the dot on the screen and said “that’s your baby” and that “baby” lives in my house. You can’t tell me that it would have been ok for me to abort him up to 7 weeks after that point. I will never believe it. Just my opinion!

25 – I really like sports. Although I am very uncompetitive in most aspects of my life, I really enjoy watching sports. Good thing since my husband is in college athletics. I mostly enjoy college athletics, not much at all into professional sports. I love the thrill of a last second shot on the court or the field goal at the end to win the game. There is nothing like it!

And a few more just for fun (thanks Joanne!)………..

26 – I grew up in a house (the actual structure) that my Daddy built with his bare hands. And my parents now live in another house that my Daddy built as well. He is a fix-it type, obviously!

27 – When I was six months old, I had spinal meningitis and was hospitalized for awhile with it. I have a 50% hearing loss in my right ear because of it.

28 – I am embarrassed to admit this but I still sleep with a stuffed animal. It’s a black puppy dog and her name is Anna. When Brian and I got married we had a black lab named Ali (she has since died) and we LOVED her. So I think a year or so later I tried to convince Brian we needed another puppy, a friend for Ali. So instead of getting me another dog which we didn’t need, he got me a stuffed animal. Isaiah has tried to steal Anna from me several times but I won’t let him. HEHE!!!!

29 – I have a tattoo on my stomach. It’s a butterfly. It has weathered the storm of 2 pregnancies and stretch marks but it still looks quite nice. I love it; I don’t regret getting it at all! Most people don’t know this about me and are sometimes shocked to know it. I think that is strange!

30 - AND LAST - my mother and mother-in-law have a facebook page! I think that is sort of funny!!! HEHE!


So there is this new craze on facebook and everyone is posting their 25 Random Thoughts or 25 Things about me and they are really interesting. Brian and I both gave in the the craze and decided to do it and it was more fun than I thought. And since some of you are not on facebook or maybe didn't read it - I am going to post it here for you all to see:

25 Random Things - Brian's version!

1. I’m a communication professional, but I do a very poor job of communicating with my family and friends. I can go weeks without talking to my parents or siblings, not because I want to but just because I don’t call them for some reason.
2. My boys (Isaiah and Levi) are not only the greatest gifts from God but also probably the best thing that I have ever given to society as a whole
3. I met my wife (Lindsey) on my first day of work at the University of Alabama. She was a student worker in my office and I was (and still am) 10 years older than her.
4. I am jealous of my wife and her group of best friends. Not only do they take a summer trip together every year, they also truly support and love one another like a group of sisters. I wish I had just one or two really close friends that I could be totally real with all the time and not feel I was being judged
5. I know there is a God… No way can a person witness the birth of a child and believe that all that is this world just happened and began from some pre-time mud puddle and a “bang”
6. I am thankful and blessed to be a follower of Jesus Christ… It doesn’t make me perfect, in fact most times I do the things I know I’m not supposed to or don’t want to, but it does mean that God loves me and continues to try and recreate me in His image
7. I went on a mission trip to Kenya about 5 years ago and was forever changed. I learned more about myself in those two weeks than at any point in my life. I learned lessons about being thankful and content. I also am forever connected to that country and would go back every year if I could afford it. I know that I will return one day and I am definitely taking my family with me.
8. I knew that I wanted to work in Sports Information (my current job) after the first day I volunteered at Mississippi State. I have never regretted following my career path but I do realize that I have missed out on many things chasing this dream.
9. I am a proud member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and have many fond memories from my days with my Sig-Ep brothers from college. I wish I would have done a better job staying in contact with them all.
10. I think my 9th grade year may be the greatest single year in my life. I feel like the stars were aligned for me that year and I was pretty successful in almost everything I did.
11. In my second career, I would like to maybe be a chef. I love cooking and trying things in the kitchen. It is probably a good thing since my wife is a self-professed non-cooker. My best dish is beef (or meat as Isaiah calls them) Tacos made with my own special sauce.
12. My secret ingredient for nearly every recipe is brown sugar (I also like to balance the sweetness with a touch of Cayenne pepper)
13. I love playing golf and everything about the sport. I wish I could play more and maybe someday I will. I believe that if I had a chance to play regularly that I would get myself down to a single-digit handicap.
14. Upon my graduation from college, I had the choice of two career paths – College Athletics or Youth Ministry – I often wonder what would have happened if I had picked Youth Ministry. Sometimes I feel like I let God down by not going that direction.
15. My wife is my best friend. We are very different on some things but to borrow a cheesy line from Jerry MacGuire… She really does complete me!! Plus, without her I would only be able to make boys instead of unbelievably adorable boys (she makes them cute)
16. My oldest son Isaiah is what some might call a spitting-image of me. It really is like I just spit him out of my mouth. He walks, acts, talks, pretty much everything like me. I hope that I can help him learn from my mistakes and be a better person than me
17. Divorce sucks… While I feel that my parents handled it the best they could, I still feel that I have some hurts and scars that keep me guarded even today
18. I use to make fun of my bonus dad (aka: stepfather) because he ran cross country as a teenager. Now, I love running. It is the only way I can keep weight off. On days I don’t run, I feel like a sloth. I have run one ½ marathon and several 5 and 10K races. I want to run a marathon in the near future.
19. My musical tastes are very diverse… I enjoy listening to U2, Garth Brooks, Kirk Franklin, Third Day, Ol’ School Rap like Run DMC and Beastie Boys and Public Enemy, Classical music and many others. Music lyrics are something that have the ability to move me to tears (as does Extreme Home Makeovers… every friggin’ time)
20. I love reality TV. I especially enjoy watching the group dynamics on those shows and try to figure out where I would fit in if I was on the show
21. I think it would be cool for MTV to have a “Real World, 40s” and let 7 strangers from age 40-45 live in house together to see what happens when people stop living and start being real.
22. I love Facebook because of how it has allowed me to reconnect with so many folks from my teen, college and past work lifes
23. I was born in New Jersey and lived their until I was 10, spent a year in Pennsylvania, then moved to Nashville (where my mom and bonus dad still live), went to college and lived in Starkville (Miss.) for 7 years, lived/worked in Murray (Ky) for 3 years, lived/worked in Tuscaloosa (Ala.) for 8 years and now have lived/worked in High Point (N.C) for four years… I would love to return to Starkville to raise my boys
24. Favorite Things: Smiles of my boys, laughter of my wife and kids, hearing my wife sing – especially praise & worship music, hearing my boys say “Daddy” when I come home from work or a trip, reading a John Grisham book, sleeping in my own bed, Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
25. I hope that at sometime in my life I had a positive impact or was a positive influence for someone.


So I guess everyone that actually reads this blog page thinks that The Morgans must have fallen off the earth because I haven't posted in so long. Well, we are alive and kicking - just really busy. I am going to try and post several things today so you will have lots of reading to do! Thanks for being patient with me!!

SICKNESS (2.1.09)

Ok, so it’s been a long week in the Morgan household. Brian went out of town on Tuesday for a day trip. Levi woke up about 9:30 that evening (right in the midst of me watching The Biggest Loser – ugh) and started throwing up. He got sick LOTS and I washed every sheet I had for his bed and he threw up on me a couple of times. It was not good! SO NOT GOOD! Brian ended up staying home with him on Wednesday and besides from some diaherra he seemed better. Everyone went back to work and school on Thursday and that was good. Then Friday morning about 3 am Brian woke up and was sick. He was then sick all day on Friday and by that evening he was starting to feel better. Of course they called us from Levi’s school about 2pm on Friday and said we needed to come and get him because he was having some diaherra and they thought he was still sick. OK – this makes no sense to me, he was there all day Thursday and 6 hours on Friday, I am pretty sure if he is still sick he has infected everyone there, why call 3 hours before we are coming to get him. I guess they don’t like changing his diaper. Anyway, Brian was feeling better and Levi seemed fine so that was good. Brian was suppose to leave on Saturday around 1 pm for a 3 day trip so I was glad he was better. Well……then about 4 am on Saturday morning I woke up sick. GREAT!!! So, Brian is totally panicing about me being there by myself with the boys and sick. But, what other choice do we have. That’s the price you pay for living 9 hours from your family, no one to help when you need it. Anyway, so I stayed in bed all morning yesterday while Brian tending to the boys and he feed them lunch and put Levi down for a nap. All I had to do was muster up enough strength to take care of them in the afternoon after naptime and feed them dinner and get them to bed. Surely I could do that! Well, after Levi woke up – that is when my fever was at it’s worst and I came close to passing out several times and almost threw up when I had to change Levi’s diaper. Oh my – so anyway, I survived, I don’t know how but I did. This morning seems to be better. Just a little tired but other than that, no more sickness! It was bad and poor Brian was totally stressed the whole time after he left. So, that’s our week recap. This next week at work is one of the worst weeks for me because we have our family weekend next weekend. Luckily my mom and dad are coming to take care of the boys on Friday so that will be good! Alrighty, hope everyone else avoids the “sick in the mouth” as Isaiah calls it! Later!