HAPPY 10 MONTHS LEVI!!!!! (7.27.08)

Happy 10th Month Birthday LEVI!!!!!!!!

We love our little buddy so much and can't even believe he is 10 months old today! That just seems like pure craziness to me! He is such a sweet little guy and is a fabulous addition to our family. He is so happy all the time and rarely gets upset about anything. He loves to eat and explore everything. He is much more into everything than Isaiah was, which is not great. He likes to eat paper and leaves and then, you know, throw it up, that's always fun! But, we love this little man so much - he lights up our world constantly!!!! Enjoy a picture of him taken this morning - can you tell who dressed him??? DADDY - GO YANKEES!

Oh and we are SOOOOOOO excited Isaiah is coming home today! We miss him like crazy!!! Brian and I were talking earlier about who Isaiah will be most excited to see and we both agreed that it wouldn't be me or Brian - it would for sure be Levi! They just love each other so much!!! It's super sweet! Have a great day everyone!

FOR ISAIAH (7.26.08)


We miss you so much and can't wait for you to come home tomorrow! Levi and Daddy made a special video just for you! We love you so much!!!!!!!!

Mommy, Daddy and Levi

ISAIAH and LEVI (7.26.08)

I have been meaning to post this video for a week or so now. Isaiah loves to carry Levi around the house. And you would think Levi would be scared of it but no, he loves it soooooo much. He just laughs and smiles when Isaiah is carrying him, it is really funny! Check out this cute video of the boys together!!!!

And another video too thats cute!!! Apparently Levi had "stinky"!!!


Things are just trucking along for us!

Last week I went to the beach in Alabama with my 3 bestest lady friends, Joanne, Jessica and April! We had a BLAST, of course! No kids! It was a fabulous break and so great to see them and be able to talk and hang out. It is rare that you find friends like them and I love them all so much! My flight down to B-ham was fine, no major problems. My flight home was a different story. BHM to ATL got cancelled so they had to reroute me, it was crazy. Thanks to April Wines for taking care of Levi until I got back since Brian had to leave too!

Isaiah is with his Nona and Popa (Brian's parents) this week. They are being world travelers! He left last Saturday to go back to Nashville with Nona and they all left on Wednesday to fly to Philly then drive to NJ. I know he is having a big time because every time we talk to him he can barely get the words out what all he is doing. I was thinking last night how much I miss him and he still will be gone for another week, sad times!!!! It is so quiet around here without him.

Levi is doing great!! He is officially crawling on all fours now, no more army crawling. We have this bowl of snacks that is in our pantry for Isaiah to get snacks if he wants one and it's Levi's favorite thing in the world to mess with. He will pull out the bags and try and bite them. I guess Isaiah told him these are the good snacks and so Levi is always trying to get them. It's so funny! His teeth are coming in well, I will have to try and get a picture for everyone to see. We take him to the doctor this morning for his 9 month checkup (although he is almost 10 months now). So I will post later today how the appointment went and such, no shots today so that is GREAT! Enjoy the above picture of Levi in the snack bowl!!!

More to come soon!!!!!

SORRY (7.16.08)

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth - things have been busy. I was out of town for 6 days last week and then Brian was gone. Isaiah is with Nona and Popa for 2 weeks so we are all off our normal schedules. I promise to post lots of fun stuff soon and updates on what is going on with us!!! Promise!!!!

NORMAL DAY (7.5.08)

We had a normal day today! We got up this morning, played around the house, then went to the grocery store. Fun, Fun! Came home and ate lunch, took naps and went outside to let the kids swim in the pool. Ganny bought a baby pool for the kiddos when we were in Cherokee and we brought it back with us for the boys to play in. Levi loved it, I thought he would cry because the water was so cold but he didn't. They both splashed around and had a great time! Anyway, after some playtime outside we came in and Isaiah and I made a cake. Our family favorite Banana Sour Cream Cake. Now this is a super secret recipe and I can never tell a soul - but if you click here you can see the recipe on kraftfoods.com. It is super yummy and we LOVE to eat this cake. Oh my! Check out the picture of Isaiah being a "cheffer" and helping make the cake! And of course while we were making the cake, Levi was doing what he does best, playing and getting in to things he isn't suppose to! We placed his basket of toys and his table in front of the stairs so he wouldn't go up the stairs. WRONG - he just moved the table out of the way and in less than 2 minutes he was half way up our stairs, our HARD WOODEN STAIRS that if you fall you would break your neck or worse, your baby toe like me! I freaked out and screamed, "OH MY GOSH - LEVI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' Or maybe I should have been saying, what was I doing not watching my child who can totally climb the stairs. Bad mother! Anyway, he was safe and I will be more careful to keep my eyes on him at all times from that moment forward! Still Levi looks super cute below - this was moments before he took the climb. And you might be asking what in the world is that around Levi's legs. Well, I attempted to make him some little things to go over his knees. Because he is crawling around all the time, his knees are ALWAYS red so someone at work gave me the idea to cut the top off of some socks and put them over his knees. It worked for awhile and then it just rolled down and was probably cutting off his circulation - so much for that great idea! Enjoy the photos! More to come tomorrow!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY (7.4.08)

We enjoyed the 4th this year. We are glad to have Brian home, the kids are happy and I am thrilled to have some help. We went to a parade in Jamestown, which is a small little town next to High Point before you get to Greensboro. Anyway, they had a little parade and it was fun. The parade lasted about 20 minutes so it took longer to drag all of our stuff out there than the actual parade but it was something to do! Here are a few pictures of Isaiah and Levi enjoying the parade! Or actually Levi enjoying his juice cup and Isaiah enjoying the parade!
And here are a few pictures of the boys sporting their best July 4th outfits, of course Levi's pants were the hit of the party. They were Isaiah's pants when he was little and we pulled them out for Levi to wear. They were soooooo cute!!!

After we got home from the parade, we had lunch and then took a long nap. We LOVE nap time in our house! Seriously, who doesn't! Anywho, then we went over to April and Keith's house (April works with Brian in Athletics at HPU) for a little 4th of July cookout party. Michelle (HPU's women's soccer coach) and Will (HPU's asst. women's soccer coach) and his family came over as well. It was a small group but we had lots of fun talking and laughing! And of course Isaiah had a blast because he LOVES playing with everyone. Levi did very well too. When we finally left well after the kid's bedtime, they were both so tired! We saw some fireworks on the way home but Isaiah for some reason is scared of fireworks so he didn't really want to see them. One last picture here of Levi when we got home! Tuckered out from a long day of fun!!!!


I can not believe I forgot to tell everyone...........Levi got his TEETH! He has the two bottom ones in the middle, he won't let me really look at them but I can feel them. I will try to get a picture sometime soon!

And.....oh my gosh......anyone watched this new show on TV (NBC) named The Baby Borrowers? I am watching it right now, it is SHOCKING how these people are acting. Apparently it is about these teenage couples that want to have kids now and so they are living together and some INSANE parents actually let these teenagers keep their babies for 3 DAYS. That is totally crazy, I would be a basket case! Anyway, shows back on gotta go - check it out!

SO FAR, SO GOOD, PART 2 (7.2.08)

Hi everyone - just wanted you guys to know that all is still well with us. We are making it (just barely) with Brian still gone. He comes home tomorrow - thank you LORDIE! Anyway, here is a new video of Levi eating his fruit puffs. Seriously, this little man doesn't waste any time with mastering things. He literally is the fastest learner ever! He didn't even know how to eat these until last night and then it clicked and he was stuffing them in his mouth as fast as he could, as if we never feed him. Anyway, he ended up eating about 100 I think! HAHA! Enjoy - he is soooo cute as usual!!!!

This video is for Brian (AKA - DADDY) from Isaiah! He insisted on making it when he saw I was posting a video of Levi! Enjoy B - and we can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!