THANKS (3.13.09)

Thanks Ashley for the new header - it's super cute!!!! She is a wiz with Photoshop! It's great!!

And Levi is feeling much better today! Thank goodness. He seems to surely be on the mend.

We are busy this weekend with the Big South Women's Basketball tournament. HPU is hosting the tourney so Brian is busy with it all day today with 4 games, 2 games tomorrow and the championship game on Sunday!! Almost done!

Alrighty, it's cold here - hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!


Unlike my previous post that all happened before now, this is actually happening today! Levi is very sick! Poor buddy! He had a fever on Monday and has continued it and finally this morning I took him to the doctor. He has an ear infection, sinus yucky stuff and some sort of fever virus. One of those alone would be bad but all 3 - poor buddy! He is asleep right now and has been since about noon, I hope he will be feeling some better when he wakes up!!!
And I thought the above picture was soooo cute but he is not looking so happy and beautiful today!


Isaiah had his 5 year check up yesterday! Everything went great. He loves our doctor and so all was well while we were there. He played "2 games" - one called the hearing test and one called the eye test! He thought they were fun and didn't catch on or even care if they were actually to check to make sure his hearing and sight was fine. He did get 3 shots which was bad - of course but he got over it quickly. He officially weighed in at 42.25 lbs and was 43 inches tall. Very normal for both for his age. And his got his paperwork to go to Kindergarten too!!!!!!

SNOW DAY (3.11.09)

YEAH – it’s a snow day! We had a snow day on March 2, 2009. So fun, the kids loved it. We have a big time playing in the snow and we even tried some sledding on a street close to our house but we are BAMA folks and don’t own sleds so we had to resort to TV trays which didn’t work out so well. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!!!

Daddy and Levi building our snowman!

Isaiah posing next to the snowman!

Me pushing Levi on a TV tray (because do you actually think that we would own a sled)!

Levi thought it was fun and then his hands starting getting cold!!

Isaiah was just glad for a snow day to stay home and not go to school!!


Isaiah’s 5th birthday was a week long event or shall I say a few weeks long! First, we went to Atlanta to visit with my family the weekend before his birthday to celebrate. We also enjoyed a fun day at the Atlanta Aquarium as well. Well, I take that back, some of us enjoyed a fun time – after we stood in line for over an hour with our pre-paid tickets and then got in and it was insanely crowded and kids are having meltdowns all over! Isaiah got to see the Beluga Whales which are his favorite and he even got a stuffed one in the gift shop, already known as Belugie! CUTE!

Then actually on the say of his birthday we had a party at his school and he loved it. Then he went home with Nona & Popa to our house for awhile. We had dinner at Carter Brothers – yummy! And then went to the men’s basketball game. Our marketing people were so nice to make a slide for the video board that said Happy Birthday Isaiah – see below and say Happy Birthday over the PA. He was so excited and felt sooooo special about that! Oh – almost forgot – we also gave him his favorite present of all – a giant slinky! Actually just a regular size slinky but he thought it was giant, he was so happy! Oh and Isaiah and Levi wore their matching YoGabbaGabba shirts - Isaiah picked them out especially for his birthday!

Then on Saturday with Nona and Popa we went to Chuck E. Cheese – better known as the germ capital of the world. Apparently everyone else in NC was had the same idea as us and went as well. It was so crowded and Brian almost got in a fight with this old lady who tried to push him out of the way at the door. Weird I know, usually I am the one starting fights with strangers but it was all Brian this time! So, that ends our fabulous birthday celebration!

Oh and the best part was that we finally broke down and bought a Wii! We have honestly played it everyday since then we got it and Isaiah loves it!

NEW LAYOUT! (3.10.09)

New spring layout coming soon - check out the new background - very springy right! I promise to be posting lots of new pictures tonight and tomorrow!!! PROMISE!