We are almost done collecting all of the Madagascar characters - the only one we haven't gotten is Gloria the Hippo! Isaiah loves playing with them and has multiples of some of them which he loves! Thanks to everyone who helped us get them by getting a happy meal!!!! We thank you!!!

We are taking Isaiah to see the movie this afternoon so I will be sure and give a full report!!!!

GAS PRICES (11.28.08)

So, our best news of the Thanksgiving season has been that we got gas yesterday for $1.63 - WOW! That is amazing!! Brian was upset though because right before we got that cheap gas, we passed a station and couldn't turn in time that actually had gas for $1.59 - so he felt like we paid too much for our $1.63. I told him I would give him 50 cents to make up the difference. WOW - I like it when it take $30 to fill up our van - as opposed to the $85 it took only a few months ago!! HOORAY!!!! I just wonder how much lower it will go...............


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! We had lunch at Mark and KJ's house along with Nona, Popa, Uncle Freddie and Aunt Janine. It was fun and so yummy food! We planned to stay up there all day but of course Levi wasn't cooperating in the nap department and so we decided it would be best for everyone to come home and let him nap at home. Good choice!

Then last night we were invited to enjoy another yummy Thanksgiving meal with Betty and her family. Betty and I work together and she is the nicest lady ever and a terrific cook! So, we had dinner with her family and it was great fun. Isaiah and Levi loved their 3 dogs and Levi kept following one of them around to pet her. It was sweet! Betty also sent us home with some yummy pie - sooooo good!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Not too much new to report in the Morgan household! Brian has been out of town for about 5 days and we are so glad he is back home now!

Enjoy the above video of Isaiah acting silly after wearing his hat - it made his hair stand up! So funny!!!

Levi is doing good. He has been a little sickly lately - just cold, boogers and such. The usual - just enough to make a baby really grumpy but not really enough to take them to the doctor or anything like that. But I am sure he will be on the mend soon! Hope all is well with everyone else! Happy Day!

WHAT TO SAY?? (11.18.08)

Well, I think I need to add a new post here but I don't really have anything super creative or funny to say, at least I don't think so. So, what's been going on with us???

Well, Levi is eating so good lately, and lots and lots and lots of table foods. We hardly ever have to give him any baby foods. He doesn't really like to touch things, he would rather us just feed him on a spoon or put it in his mouth but he is eating like crazy. Some of you know that I have been slightly concerned about his weight and his eating habits but all seems to be great. Hooray for that!! And he is walking around EVERYWHERE - hardly crawling at all anymore. Good news is that he doesn't get as dirty because maybe, just maybe my floors aren't super clean. But bad news is that he does still fall quite a bit so we have more cries than normal.

Oh and tonight for fun, Levi pooped in the tub - SOOOOO gross! Thank you LORD JESUS that Brian was here because I do not clean up the poop like that. I grabbed the kids out of the tub and he went to cleaning. My sweet husband, he is willing to do all the things that I can't stomach doing or that I just don't want to (washing the dishes, kill bugs, and clean up the poop in the tub)! I got lucky, I know! Oh and Levi is also in desperate need of a haircut! Ok, I don't really want to cut his hair but Brian REALLY does. And after about the 10th person has called him a girl, it makes me think that maybe that is a good idea. I mean seriously, if you see a little person wearing a NAVY BLUE outfit with a soccer ball on it - what in your mind, regardless of what they look like, thinks that the child MUST be a girl???? And even walk up to me and say "Your little girl is SOOOOOO cute?" I, very friendly of course, said "I don't have a little girl, but this is Levi my son!" Seriously, PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!!!! So, it's the hair, I know it, it is long and curly in the back and as much as it pains me to think that when we cut it, he will no longer look like a baby but then like a little kid, I think it might be time. BOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

Ok, on to Isaiah - not to much new to report with him. He is doing good! He got in trouble at school last week for being a "sore loser" apparently! They were playing a game and he didn't win and he threw his hands down and got mad. So, he is super competitive - he gets it honest you know, anyone met Brian before?????? I guess when we are playing games with him we should actually beat him sometimes to let him know that it is possible for him to lose. We will work on that!!!

So, start the prayers coming, Brian leaves on Saturday and will be gone until next Wednesday evening on a basketball trip. I can only imagine what insanity will happen in the 5 days he is gone. I am sure it will be good! It always is.

Alrighty, time for me to go, gotta get ready to watch The Biggest Loser!!!!! More to come!

THANKS (11.13.08)

Nona found Marty the Zebra and MotoMoto the boy Hippo - THANKS NONA!!!!! Only 5 more to go!!


Man alive - that game last night was completely crazy. I had a serious headache and felt sick to my stomach well after it was over. I went into the game KNOWING that we would win but I just wasn't sure how it would all play out. And at the end of the 4th qtr when LSU blocked our field goal to win the game, I just started screaming "NO, NO, NO, NO"! Levi was crying from me screaming and I couldn't watch anymore. I already felt sick so I just got up and walked out. I went upstairs to put the kids in the bath and as Brian was calling out the play-by-play from downstairs I was so nervous I could have thrown up. Then he said - WE INTERCEPTED THE BALL! Oh lordie, I got excited then and screamed again, then Levi started crying AGAIN. And then he is giving me the play-by-play, big gains, we are at the 2 yard line. TOUCHDOWN, I thought I would die. I am still screaming and Levi is still crying! Then Ashley calls, she is screaming, Jolea is screaming in the background probably because Ashley scared her screaming. Oh goodness, we won - thank you lordie! Now we have to beat Brian's MSU bulldogs and those Auburn Tigers and then..............Flordia in the SEC Championship game, which I will be attending - thanks Momma and Daddy! Oh Lord please, surely we can beat Florida too! Time will tell! For now we are #1 and enjoying it! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Oh and the picture from this morning before church, Isaiah wanted he and Levi to dress alike so the only shirts I could find sort of alike were solid red shirts and jeans and then Brian got dressed and wore his Alabama red shirt too. They looked so cute so I took their picture! I wore black, not red, I didn't want people to think we were strange at church ya know!

THANKS (11.8.08)

THANKS GANNY!!!!!! Alex the Lion has been found - only 7 more to go!!!!!!!!

MADAGASCAR 2 (11.7.08)

Madagascar 2 comes out today!!!! The original Madagascar is Isaiah ALL TIME favorite movie. He loves it and has watched it a million times. He has Madagascar curtains in his room, he has every line from the movie memorized, he can do the dance that the move it monkeys do, you get the idea - he loves the movie. So, we have been anxiously awaiting this movie to come out. Unfortunately we will not be seeing it this weekend. We have no one to babysit Levi while we take Isaiah but we are hoping to take him at some point in the next few weeks. Anyway, so we will give you a full review when we go and see it.

Along with the new movie coming out is McDONALD's HAPPY MEAL TOYS AGAIN!!!!! So, McDonald's in getting in on the action for the new movie and we are once again asking for your help to help Isaiah collect all the toys. We will likely be going to McDonalds this weekend to get our first of the characters but we need your help getting the rest (grandparents, aunts, uncles, this is your time to shine!!!!)! See list below of all the 8 character toys:

Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, Melman the Giraffe, Skipper the Penguin, Moto Moto the boy Hippo, Julien the Lemur (aka - move it monkey), Mason the Chimp

So, if you happen to be at Mickey D's and order a Happy Meal - save the toy for Isaiah! And believe it or not - he loves his Kung Fu Panda toys and plays with them all the time. A couple of them he has multiples of and he loves it!!!!!

Thanks in advance and we will post when we get a new one so be sure and let us know if you get one - THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for the recap of the movie - Isaiah style!

NEW LOOK (11.6.08)

Thanks to my sister Ashley for the new look of our blog page! I thought I would change it up a little for winter time. Enjoy!!! and THANKS Ashley!

BAMA is #1! (11.2.08)

This should be a very exciting day for me and many of my fellow true Alabama fans, but I am slightly nervous! The Alabama Crimson Tide is indeed #1 in the polls. It seems a little scary to be going to LSU next week being #1, in Baton Rouge, where OUR Coach Saban use to coach. OH LORDIE! I can't even think about how nervous I will be watching that game! Above pictured is Isaiah wearing his Bama shirt that of course he wore to church this morning, along with Brian sporting a Bama shirt as well!

GOD'S AN ALABAMA FAN, GOD'S AN ALABAMA FAN, right? That's what I will keep telling myself anyway!!!!

LEVI'S FALL (11.1.08)

So, my MOTHER OF THE YEAR 2008 award is offically be stripped away! Levi fell down the stairs at our house yesterday evening. For those of you who haven't had the priviledge of coming to our house, we have a very old house with very old, steep, hard wooden stairs. Luckily they don't go straight down, we have 2 stairs then a landing, and 10 or so stairs going in another direction and then another landing and then 4 stairs going to the top. Not sure if that even makes sense or not. Anyway, we have a gate at the top of our stairs to prevent such terrible things from happening. We were getting ready to head to the first WBKB game last night and I was helping Isaiah change clothes. Levi was crawling around upstairs and I hear a THUMB and then a few more THUMB, THUMB, THUMBs, and then SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!! Oh lord, the unthinkable has just happened. I didn't lock the gate and smart little Levi opened the gate and went down the 4 steps to the next landing, thankfully on his belly! THANK YOU LORD that he was not more hurt. It scared the living daylights out of me, I started crying, Isaiah was crying and Levi was screaming. It was awful. Brian had just left to go early and I called him and he immediately rushed home. I guess we have all had these accidents and it is a very quick and harsh reminder that they can get out of our sight and into BAD trouble before we know it. Most of you know that I fell down the same steps, except the longer portion last year right after Levi was born and broke my toe (you know how all your toes point up, I had 4 pointing up and the baby toe pointing LEFT - OUCH!) We are so very thankful that he was on his belly and not standing because then he would have rolled and I don't even want to think of what terrible injuries he would have had then. For now he just have 4 nice bruises on his face. I tried to get a picture but you can't really see them that well. 3 on the forehead right below his hair line and then 1 under his left eye. Bless his heart!!!

Moral of the story - don't be like me, watch your kids at ALL TIMES!!!


Yesterday we took a little trip to our new fancy Walmart to check out some potiental Christmas presents that Santa might want to bring to our house! Levi was so funny - he loved the animated things - like the Elmo Live doll. He was kissing it and loving on it - Brian and I were laughing so hard. You can hear him in the video giving it kisses! Then as you will notice at the end of the video - the price $59.88, that is INSANE for a talking Elmo! Or am I totally out of touch with toys. It seems overly expensive to me. Anyway, see the 2nd video, Levi also loved the Yo-Gabba-Gabba Brobee dancing doll. He actually cried when we walked away from it. More reasonably priced at $15. Santa likes it when he try to save money!!!

Isaiah also found lots of stuff he liked. Everything Little Einsteins, Diego, Wonder Pets, Backyardiagans, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - he loved everything associated with his favorite shows. We got some good ideas about what they both were excited about so we - I mean Santa has some good leads for Christmas time this year! Hooray!