SO FAR, SO GOOD (6.29.08)

So far, so good - Brian left yesterday morning and so far (cross your fingers), no major problems thus far! We had a good day yesterday. Levi is EVERYWHERE and does not want to be trapped anywhere. For instance, he use to love the johnny jump up and his exersaucer but no more, he only sees that as something he can't get out of and crawl around so he doesn't want any part of those things. He only tolerates sitting in his high chair because he thinks he will get food. Anyway, we all took a long nap on Saturday afternoon which was good. Got up and went to the grocery store which is always fun. Came home and Isaiah and I made a cake (I know, so domestic huh). And I made dinner for us holding Levi the whole time because if I put him down he would get in to something or cry because I wasn't holding him. Levi went to bed early because for whatever reason he was a wreck even after his long nap. Anyway, he went to bed at 7pm and didn't wake this morning until 8am. You know when you have those moments and think, surely something must be wrong and you check on them a million times, that's sort of how I felt this morning. But all was fine, he was just tired, I guess from crawling everywhere. Check out the below video of his pulling up on the couch. He has picked this all up so fast. It seems like he learned to sit up, crawl and now pull up in a matter of weeks. I just don't remember Isaiah doing all of this so quickly. Maybe we will have an early walker - who knows.

Brian called yesterday when he got to Tampa and had a good flight. All was fine. He brought a few of Isaiah's bed time books with him so he could read a book to him each night before bed on the phone. So sweet! So when Isaiah called him last night to read his book, Brian was at a resturant with some friends but he stopped and read the book to Isaiah. I was just thinking, I am sure his friends thought that a little strange, unless they have kids then they thought it was the sweetest thing ever! We surely miss Brian when he is gone!

I always joke with Brian about having a "Dish Fairy" at our house. Seriously, you put a dish in the sink and moments later it is clean and in the drying rack. Strangely enough, the dish fairy doesn't seem to show up when Brian is out of town for some reason, very strange I know! I kept waiting for it to happen yesterday but it never did and by the end of the day, I had lots of dishs to do, yucky! So when I talked to Brian last night I told him to bring back the dish fairy!

I have also had this sinus/cough/yucky stuff going on for some time now. Brian keeps telling me to go to the doctor and I keep refusing thinking surely it will go away soon. I don't know what is going on with me. I just cough and cough and cough, especially at night time. So, Isaiah always sleeps in the bed with me when Brian is gone (the ultimate treat for him). Isaiah told Brian yesterday that if I was coughing at night time, he would go downstairs and get me a drink to help me stop coughing. How sweet is he! So, last night when we first laid down I was coughing a little bit and every time I did, Isaiah would say "Are you ok Mommy?" Just like a little man, looking out for me! Luckily I didn't cough too much after I feel asleep.

We were also talking to Isaiah about this trip of Brian's. Telling him that Daddy is taking a trip now, in another week or so I am going on a trip to the beach (THANK YOU JESUS) with some of my girlfriends. I can not wait!!!!!!!!! And then Isaiah is going on a trip with Nona and Popa for 2 weeks. So everyone gets a trip but poor Levi! He gets the shaft again. It's good for all of us to get away every now and then to refresh and regain some of your sanity!

That's it for now - more updates to come!!! We miss you Brian - come home soon!!!

HAPPY 9 MONTHS LEVI!!!! (6.27.08)

Today is Levi's 9 month birthday! Can you believe it???? My how time flies! Of course he is doing great, still no teeth yet. He has mastered crawling and is starting to show lots of interest in pulling up on things. He will stand alone if you place him next to something (see picture below) and has pretty good balance. He wants to be on the move most of the time. Doesn't much like sitting still anymore. And he is right behind Isaiah at all times if he can be! Not sure of his weight and all, he goes for his 9 month check up in a few weeks. And as always Isaiah continues to be a fabulous big brother to Levi!

Enjoy the pictures below that I took of Levi this morning and Isaiah sporting his new hair cut!


Here are a few pictures and videos from our trip to Cherokee, NC this past weekend. We had a really good time and my parents really enjoyed seeing all the grandkids. We enjoyed a picnic on Saturday and everyone played in the creek at the park, even Levi. And Isaiah and Levi both had some watermelon - enjoy the video of the kids eating it. That's it for now! ENJOY!
Levi and Jolea in the creek.

Isaiah enjoying some watermelon and Levi smiling!
Isaiah playing in the water!


Yeah, all is better today! Brian got home safely, hooray! The power and water are working and no one has thrown up on me today. HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!!! I did decide to keep Isaiah home from school today, for 3 reasons actually - #1, I wasn't completely convinced this morning that his eye looked better and was still slightly worried that he might have the BAD pink eye, false alarm though, his eye is completely healed now - #2, I am insanely tired from last nights episode and think I can get a nap if I keep him home - and #3, I know his school will give me nasty looks if I bring him back today because surely the degreed doctor must be wrong and Isaiah has the bad pink eye. So, therefore, I take Levi to school and keep Isaiah home. Morning is good - we watch a little TV, eat some more Apple Jacks for breakfast. There is a group of ladies that I work with that I eat lunch with about once a month and as luck would have it today was the day I was suppose to meet them for lunch - so I called them and said Isaiah (with the not contagious pink eye) and I would be meeting them at my favorite Gianno's!! We go, have a nice lunch. Brian calls and says he is on his way home. We stop at Target on the way home for me to pick up a few items. Go home and TAKE A NAP - thank you LORDIE! Sleep from 2pm to 4:30 pm (so nice)! Get up, pick up Brian because he drove the school car to Charlotte and had no car at work, pick up Levster (as we like to call him) and come home. YEAH! Kids are in bed before 8pm and all is well. Hooray!

So, Isaiah is such a ham, he did a little singing tonight for all of you. Enjoy the 2 videos below. Wait - go to the potty first and then come back and watch these because you are going to want your bladder empty so you don't pee your pants - or if you have a Depends handy you can slip that on - either one will do!

Anyone seen Alvin and the Chipmunks, he is singing the Christmas Time is Here song from that, but he doesn't know all the words so he just sings the ones he knows.

This is a remake of Isaiah's old Bad Day video - oh my, the dance moves are seriously nice and he doesn't get all the words "exactly" right. Enjoy!

That's all for now - I am going to post a few pictures and videos from our trip this past weekend next for you all to enjoy! But for now, peace out!!


This seriously has been an insane day! Where do I begin.......Brian is out of town in Charlotte at his annual SID meeting. He will be home tomorrow evening. So, as luck would have it, everything goes wrong when he isn't here. Which is very problematic for me because it makes me question my ability to do anything alone anymore. So, here is my timeline for today.....follow along as best you can!

10:00 am - Brian heads to Charlotte

12:30 pm - Lindsey enjoys a nice lunch at McAllisters with friend Melissa (baked potato's are so yummy)

2:30 pm - The dreaded phone call from the kid's school. I am assuming when I see it on my caller ID that Levi has a fever as he is trying his darndest to get his 2 first teeth and has been seriously grumpy for the past few days. But no, it Isaiah's issue today. Teacher Ms. Yolanda (Isaiah calls her Ms. Sholanda) calls to say Isaiah has pink eye and I need to come and get him - GREAT - isn't that really contagious! WONDERFUL!!!

2:35 pm - call Dr.s office to get appointment for Isaiah and am told they can't see him until 5:00 pm - GREAT - so I have to take Levi with me to the doctor and infect him with all kinds of wonderful things as well. YIPPEE!

2:45 pm - drop everything at work and head out the door to pick up pink eye Isaiah and grumpy Levi from daycare.

3:00 pm - get home, feed Levi and put him to bed for a nap and pink eye Isaiah is watching TV (awww some peace)

3:10 pm - realize the water isn't working at our house for some reason when pink eye Isaiah goes to wash his hands after eating a bag of Cheetos (100 calorie pack of course), call the water company to complain and they say "Mam - your water bill was due on 6/23 and has not been paid so we turned your water off" - I think to myself - really, that is news to me, oh I guess I haven't paid our bills for the month which I usually do as soon as we get paid on the 20th but
I haven't yet and what happened to the grace period - seriously, that is so stiff. I apologize 100 times to the lady (as if she cares if I have working water at my house), immediately give her my debit card number to pay it and they come back and turn the water on. Within like 10 minutes, as if someone was sitting in their car on the street waiting for me to call - very strange but wonderful - now pink eye Isaiah can wash his hands.

3:20 pm - enjoy a nice conversation with April about how we can't wait to leave our kids and go to the beach in 2 weeks and how we are going to eat lots and lots of unhealthy snacks while we are there, and we also talked about carseats and such boring things like that.

3:45 pm - call another April (that works with Brian) to see if she can come over and stay with Levi while I take pink eye Isaiah to the doctor at 5 pm, she says yes, THANK YOU LORD!

4:00 pm - talk to Brian and vent about the frustrations of the day thus far, little did I know it was only beginning!

4:15 pm - respond to some work emails - hooray!

4:45 pm - April comes over, pink eye Isaiah and I hop in the car and off we go to the doctor. On the way I inform him that we will not be seeing Dr. Poston (his favorite doctor of course that I think he has a secret crush on), and we will in fact be seeing another doctor (male doctor - not sweet Dr. Poston) and get a seriously grumpy face from pink eye Isaiah, at which point he then asks if he will have to take his clothes off. Apparently, he only wants to take his clothes off for sweet Dr. Poston and not anyone else. I inform him that it is his eye that is the issue and he won't need to disrobe. He is relieved!

5:00 pm - get to the doctor's office, we are sent to the SICK ROOM to wait (you know so we can be infected by all the other sick kids). Isaiah asks why there are no toys in the sick room but there are toys in the "Not Sick Room" as he calls it. I explain to him that if you are sick, you shouldn't feel like playing with toys. He looks puzzled but moves on.

5:05 pm - they call our name - WHEW - maybe we didn't get too infected with all the other sick kids.

5:20 pm - after reading every book to Isaiah in the room, the Doc comes in. Oddly enough, he is apparently the oldest working doctor in America (apparently he hasn't made enough money to retire yet even though he is WELL over the age). He comes in, barely looks at the in question pink eye and then checks Isaiah's ears and breathing - I assume he might not be breathing if he has pink eye so he was just checking to make sure. Funny thing though, he was asking me "Has he been itching his eyes at all", I look at him sort of odd because I am thinking, I didn't bring in an infant here, Isaiah is quite capabable of answering your questions, why are you asking me this, how do I know if his eye is itching, ask him dummy! Anyway, he gives me this long explanation about how there are 3 kinds of pink eye and he doesn't think that Isaiah has the very contagious one but can't be sure until the morning - GREAT - so we won't know it's super contagious until he has spent about 12 more hours at home with no medicication infecting everyone else - WONDERFUL!

5:25 pm - we leave, I felt like saying "thanks for nothing - or better yet, thanks for taking my $15 co-pay and billing my insurance company another $80 for nothing!"

5:30 pm - get home, talk to April for a moment - she did a great job keeping Levi considering he never even woke up. Oh wait, he must have heard me come in the door because he woke up the second I got home - of course he did!!!!

5:45 pm - have a moment of insanity and think that I can watch an espoide of Oprah that I had DVR'd - what was I thinking??? Give that up very quickly!

6:00 pm - Isaiah goes upstairs to use the potty and what do you know our toliet is stopped up! Now - I must tell you - we have THE most sensitive toliet in America. If you try to flush more than about oh 1 piece of toliet paper down at a time then you are out of luck. So, apparently when we got home earlier, Isaiah or I (don't know which one because we both used the potty - let's just blame it on Isaiah for now) must have used the potty and with the water not working at the time and I guess as fate would have it - the toliet was messed up but I didn't realize it then!

6:30 pm - after spending 30 minutes trying to unstop the toliet, and listening to Levi SCREAM bloody murder downstairs because GOD FORBID he can't see me for a moment, I call Brian right before I am about to jump out the window, no seriously, I call Brian and vent yet again. While I am on the phone with him and he is wishing he never married me because I MUST be insane, (and several prayers) the toliet is unstopped! HOORAY - we can pee-pee again! GREAT!

6:31 pm - hang up with Brian, I obviously no longer need his moral support. Come downstairs to find pink eye Isaiah and Levi who now is covered with snot all over his face in the kitchen. Isaiah has decided that he wants Apple Jacks for dinner (works for me) and has gotten out the Apple Jacks, Milk, 2 bowls and 2 spoons for us to have. How thoughtful is he! Trying to help out! So I proceed to help the rest of the way in preparing the fine delicacy known as Apple Jacks and Isaiah sits down to eat. Meanwhile, Levi still crying, so I fix his dinner and feed him. He ate Peas for the first time tonight and didn't gag or throw them up so I am thinking things have settled down. That's what I get for thinking apparently!

7:00 pm - take kids up to bath time while I get their stuff ready for bed (usually they go to bed at 8pm but I have almost had it today so we are heading that direction a little earlier than normal). Since Brian is gone, Isaiah knows he gets to sleep with me so I am moving all 95 of his animals in our bed because he couldn't possibly sleep without one of them.

7:20 pm - after some fun in the bath, I get Levi out and take him to his room to feed him. All seems to be going well.

7:22 pm - make the mistake of trying to give Levi some medicine, just in case his mouth starts hurting - he throws up ALL OVER me! Remember those peas from earlier that I was so glad he ate - well they are all over my clothes, Levi's face and clothes and the chair and floor. I scream - ugh!!!!! Levi screams because I scared him when I screamed! Isaiah's starts yelling - what happened???

7:23 pm - regain my composure, change my clothes, Levi's clothes, clean up the chair and floor and attempt to feed him the rest of his bottle and give up on the medicine for tonight!

7:26 pm - just as Levi is falling asleep while eating and I am thinking he will go to bed so easy tonight, Isaiah calls out from the other room "MOMMY, I WENT POOP, CAN YOU COME AND WIPE ME?" Thanks buddy - now Levi is WIDE awake again - so much for easy bed time. I put Levi down (which makes him cry again because once again, he can't see me) and go to wipe off the poop. Throw up and poop in 5 minutes - it's great to be a Mom!

7:35 pm - after rocking WIDE AWAKE Levi for 10 minutes, I put him down, hoping that the paci will do tonight and he will fall asleep - luckily it works! HOORAY - one down, one to go!

7:40 pm - get Isaiah out of bath and read a book. He calls Brian to tell him night, night and calls my dad to wish him a happy birthday! Off to sleep for Isaiah - or so I think.

7:42 pm - come downstairs and think I am going to finally enjoy some Oprah - watch about 20 minutes and hear Isaiah rearranging something upstairs. Go to check it out and he has all his animals all over the bed and tells me that is where they will sleep. I say to him very firmly, it's time to go to sleep. He informs me that he isn't sleepy and wants to watch a movie. Now usually I would NEVER EVER EVER give in to this but I have had it today so I say ok and go and get his movie choice Toy Story 2 and put it in upstairs for him to watch.

7:46 pm - come downstairs AGAIN and try to finish Oprah. Talk to Brian again - all is well now.

7:46 pm to about 9:30 pm - watch TV, eat some ice cream, clean out bottles, talk to my mom on the phone, play on the computer

9:30 pm - Isaiah yells downstairs that his movie is over and can he watch another one - that would be a NO! So I go upstairs and decide I should go to bed as well.

10:30 pm - can't fall asleep because I can't stop coughing due to my ever present sinus issues!!

11:30 pm - have doozed off but still coughing

12:30 am - come downstairs to get something to drink but I am STILL coughing! Maybe slept a total of an hour to this point!

1:10 am - hear a LOUD noise that startles me and the power goes out. Now we sleep with several fans on and noise makers galore so when our power goes out at night, the house goes from being somewhat noisy to DEAD silence. I think, is the house on fire. The noise was so loud that I thought it might be our breaker box has just blown up or something.

1:12 am - I hear all the sirens and such. So, I come downstairs wondering if I should evacuate my children and myself from our home because these sirens are basically in our front yard it sounds like. I look out the front door and the power is out on the whole street - ok great, at least our house isn't the only one. So what do I do, CALL BRIAN of course in the middle of the night. Hey - if I'm awake, he should be too, that's what I am thinking. I know, so mean right! He answers thinking what in the world is wrong this time. I tell him what happened. He sounds so concerned about the kids and how hot it is outside and the air not working and such.

1:30 am - I think that a transformer blew and surely they will fix it so I try to go back upstairs and go to sleep - not happening because you know the sirens are still going off. How are my children sleeping through this???

1:45 am - come back downstairs again, at least my battery works on my computer, play a game on the computer for a moment and start composing this blog about my terrible day.

2:42 am - now an hour later - I am almost done and what do you know, the power is restored, all is noisy again in the Morgan household, and just in time because my computer just gave the LOW BATTERY warning. Oh no, what if I lose this masterpiece of a blog, I must SAVE right away.

3:05 am - I am going to attempt to post this now - because I am WIDE awake now and then try to go to bed, and hopefully not cough the rest of the night - yeah right! My kids missed all the fun - thankfully!!!!! And in less than 4 hours I get to get up and take a shower and get ready for work and get the kids ready for school! YEAH - tomorrow will be a fun day for sure!!!!

Oh and I just realized as the wrecker pulls out in front of our house that there was a car accident right up the road and a car must have hit the power poll, that was the loud noise. I surely hope no one was injured! YIKES!!!

Ok, off to try and sleep!!!! GOOD NIGHT! Oh and anyone who made it through this entire blog deserves an award!


THANKS EVERYONE!!!! (6.22.08)

Thank you everyone who helped complete our collection of Kung Fu Panda toys. We got word that Uncle D has purchased Tigress and Crane. And on our way home today (more pictures from our trip to come) we got Master Mantis - so that completes our collection. THANKS so much to everyone who helped out (Derek, Mark, Ganny and Nona!) Isaiah appreciates it!!!!!


Just a little FYI, the Morgans will be going out of town tomorrow until Sunday. We are headed to Cherokee, NC to hang with Ganny, Pops, Ashley, Jimmy and Jolea for a long weekend. My dad is working at the World Changers project there and so the whole fam decided to come. And since we are only three hours away and my parents haven't seen Levi since Feb, we decided to make the trip too. Should be lots of fun! So, I am 1,000% sure we won't have internet access there so don't expect any updates until Sunday night at the earliest. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and weekend! LATER!


Thanks to Uncle Mark - Master Monkey has been added to our list!
THANKS MARK! Only 3 more to go! Check the list!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! (6.15.08)

Happy Father's Day everyone! We will have to let Brian do a blog about his father's day after the day is done. But for now - I just wanted to wish all the dads out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Brian being a dad! Enjoy!

And a special SHOUT OUT to my Daddy for being the best Dad ever too!!!!!! Happy Father's Day Daddy! (By the way, this is one of my favorite pictures, my dad holding Levi right after he was born - mainly because Isaiah (0bviously wearing his PJ's) looks seriously funny taking a picture of Levi with his new camera. OH MY - the close up shots were the best!)


We went to pick some strawberries this morning at a local strawberry farm. It was soooo much fun, Isaiah and I had never done it before. So, off we went into the strawberry field with our bucket. We found SOOOOOO many good strawberries. It was really, really fun! Brian took a little video of us picking them while he was holding Levi. On a seperate note, Levi is all over the place crawling, seriously - this is too much! And my floors are really dirty too as evidence shown on his shirt all the time! HA! Anywho - picking strawberries was a blast and we came home, washed and cut them, of course taste testing a few. They are good of course! Can't wait for some strawberry shortcake - yummy!!!

Also, a life lesson was learned today as well. Every strawberry is different, some are more red than others, some are fatter than others, and so on. And sometimes you have to look a little harder to find the really good ones. Both of these things can be true with friends. Friends in life come in all shapes and sizes and colors. And sometimes you have to look a little harder under the leaf to find the good ones, but it doesn't mean they aren't there! And how fun when you find a big, red, yummy strawberry - it is so sweet! This may not be applicable to any of you but it was for Brian and I today so I thought I would share!

Enjoy some photos taken as well below.

THANKS NONA (6.10.08)

Master Viper and Tai Lung (the bad guy) have now been obtained thanks again to Nona! That mean 4 down and 4 to go - check the list on the right side of the page to keep up with what we have and don't have. Any help is much appreciated to find them all. Isaiah is SUPER excited!
THANKS NONA!!!!!!!!!


Happy Anniversary to my parents, otherwise known in our house as Ganny and Pops. Today they celebrate 36 years of marriage (married June 10, 1972)! I am sure they would tell you that their whole marriage has been perfect seeing that they have 2 perfect daughters (Ashley and I of course) and 3 fabulous grandchildren (Isaiah, Jolea and Levi)! And how could I forget 2 wonderful son-in-laws (Brian and Jimmy)!


Below enjoy some of my favorite photos of my parents with the kids (or really just Isaiah)!


Since it is soooooo hot outside, we had a little water fun Sunday afternoon in the backyard. Isaiah enjoyed running through the sprinkler and Levi enjoyed sitting in his duckie pool. Enjoy the videos and pictures below!


Thanks to NONA - Master Shifu has been obtained! YEAH - only 6 more to go! Check out the list to the right and you can check the progress of the one we have and don't have!
THANK YOU NONA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Levi can scoot around, he gets where he wants to go. It is so funny. We just discovered that he can do this - it's pretty impressive for a little guy. He sort of pulls himself forward with his arms while pushing off with his toes - sort of like an ugly army crawl. Watch his skills on the video - he hasn't refined it yet, it's pretty new for him but you can get the idea.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it (wink, wink, that means you grandparents).......

Help us locate all of the Kung Fu Panda figures from McDonald's Happy Meals. As seen here, we already have Po the Panda but there are 7 more that Isaiah would die to get. So, help us out if you can!!! And let us know if you find one so we can mark it off the list! Click here to see all the figures.


Oh and enjoy the below photos of everyone posing with Po!!!!!


We have been promising Isaiah we would take him to see Kung Fu Panda as soon as it came out. We saw the preview for it months and months ago and Isaiah thought it was the coolest thing ever - so we have been anxiously awaiting it to come out. It came out yesterday and we decided to take him to see it this morning at 9:20 am! He was so excited!!! Here is some video before the movie in the car.

And here is a little bit more video of Isaiah, Brian and Levi in the theatre waiting for it to start. Of course we are never on time for anything but we got to the theatre and in our seats about 20 minutes before it started. I was actually kind of surprised that there weren't more people there. I thought it would be packed with people like us bringing their little kids but there was only a handful of people there.

So, on to the movie! It was sooooooo cute! Isaiah really loved it and we did too. Levi thought it was great - of course because he slept through most of it. Anyway, it was great. The story line was great and the animation was amazing. It was one of the best animated movies I have seen in a long time. We watched this special earlier in the week on HBO about the making of it which was pretty cool. It talked about all the characters and interviewed each of the actors that did the voices. Jack Black does the voice of Po (the Panda) and he is really funny. Then there are 5 Masters that represent the 5 styles of Kung Fu. They are called "The Fabulous Five". Angelina Jolie is Master Tigress, Jackie Chan is Master Monkey, Lucy Liu is Master Viper, David Cross (played Uncle Ian in Alvin & the Chipmunks) is Master Crane, and Seth Rogen (funny guy from Knocked Up) is Master Mantis. Dustin Hoffman does the voice of Master Shifu which is the teacher of the 5 and also teaches Po who is deemed the Dragon Warrior and must defend China from the bad guy Tai Lung (voiced by Ian McShane). The characters are really, really funny and unlike some previews, it doesn't show all the good parts on the preview. For sure worth the movie to go and see at the theatre!

And as promised we had lunch at McDonalds afterwards which is always popular with Isaiah. Above are his thoughts about the movie. For whatever reason he was not much in to the camera today but was seriously excited when he was not being filmed. Also, enjoy some photos of Isaiah doing his best Kung Fu moves!!! And his new Po figure - read post above!!!!!


BAD MOTHER - Levi tried some ice cream today! So, he must be the 2nd child because I would have never given Isaiah ice cream at 8 months old. In fact, I would have been the mother sitting there judging all other mothers for doing it as I am sure people were doing to us today. Oh well!! He thought it was yummy - of course - who doesn't like ice cream! Anyway, he surely loved it. Enjoy the video!

THANKS BA & NANA! (6.5.08)

Thanks Ba and Nana for all the wonderful goodies from Hawaii! I love my cute outfit. You can see in the photo my mom posted that I wore it to school today! It's super cute on me!

And Isaiah loves his shirts too (especially the pirate one) and his pirate book and boat.

Our favorite thing that you sent is the pirate sticker! Mom said we must put it on our mini-van at once. Now our car can be easily spotted among the others because it's the only one with a pirate sticker! ARGH!!!!!!!!! - that's what pirates say!

Thanks again, we love all the wonderful stuff you sent (and the yummy pineapples too)!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE - LEVI & family

CHEF ISAIAH (6.4.08)

Sorry guys, it's been a few days since I have posted any updates. I promise to not slack anymore.

Isaiah was sick earlier this week, or at least he was sick for about 12 hours or so. He was running a fever and was "sick in the mouth" (Isaiah's term for what the normal world calls throwing up) but only once. At any rate, he did help me with my "cheffing"!

"CHEFFING" is not actually a real word, I know. But in Isaiah's world "cheffing" and cooking mean the same. So when you hear Isaiah say something like "Can I help chef something tonight?" That is code for Can I help cook something tonight? So cheffing means cooking. Obvioulsy cheffing is way more fun to say than cooking. DUH!

So, I asked Isaiah the other day, "Isaiah, wanna help me chef something?" And of course he said, "Chef Isaiah, coming right up!" Seriously, he really is funny. So, we cheffed up some Taco Soup (my fabulous friend Joanne's recipe). And as Isaiah is helping me chef it up, he is saying how yucky it looks and how he doesn't want to eat any of it (because what kid would actually want to eat Taco Soup). Fine by me, more for me and Brian. YUMMY!