FUN SWIMMING (4.27.09)

So, I got this little blow up swimming pool at Walmart and who knew it would be such a hit! The boys love it. Isaiah has been in it multiple times and Levi too. They love it. And because it is so hot here, it's perfect for them outside. Here are a few pictures of the boys in the pool!! Enjoy!

Isaiah and Levi enjoying the pool!


Well, we made it to Alabama and are trying to settle in. Now that I have more free time and internet at my ready access, I am hoping to be more efficient with our blog page. But I realize that I promise that every time I write and usually never live up to it. So, it is my goal to post more!

For now, things are going well. We are trying to get unpacked which is a process. I want things to be done but I am so sick of doing it that I have just stopped, hopefully this weekend I can pick it back up again. Brian is on Day 3 at his new job and things seem to be moving along. He seems very overwhelmed with meeting new people and such that he is just spent when he gets home. I know all of that will chance the more comfortable he gets there and with everyone around him.

Things are settling in with me being at home with both boys. They are both so use to having someone entertain them constantly that it is an adjustment for all of us to figure out how this is going to work. But, I know we will make it. I went and joined the YMCA this morning and was able to work out some. They have a child watch program in the morning for a little while so I can drop the kids off and they can play while I get some alone time and exercise. I think that will be good for us. And in a few more weeks they will open the pool there so that will be fun for all of us too. I am sure we will spend lots of time there this summer.

Alrighty, enough for now. Hope everyone is doing well. I will post a few pictures of the boys in the last few days. Enjoy! And if anyone wants to help unpack - come on, we are here!
Isaiah and Levi going for a neighborhood ride on the gator.

Isaiah and Levi eating dinner! Levi obviously needs another hair cut!