CAN 4 YEAR OLDS COUNT TO 100??? (5.31.08)

Are 4 year olds suppose to be able to count to 100? Check out this video and you will get your answer! Isaiah the super star!!!!!!


Happy Anniversary to Brian and I! 9 years ago on May 29,1999 we got married and today we celebrate our 9th year of pure happiness - well, sort of! haha! My how our lives have changed in 9 years.

As a tradition on our anniversary, we always watch our wedding video. Or should I say I watch it and Brian tries to find something else to do so he doesn't have to. It's a guy thing I guess. Anyway, this year we watched it on the night before, of course because we couldn't actually watch it on our anniversary evening. Well, the reason is because the season finale of Lost was on so of course we couldn't miss that. Anyway, so we watched it the night before. Isaiah was SOO excited to watch it with us. He kept asking when we would get to the part where he was in my tummy. Apparently a 4 year olds perception of getting married is you automatically get a fat belly - well maybe that is sort of true, just leave out the baby part. HAHA - anyway, he also wanted to see the part with the rings. He then proceeded to get a plastic ring and give it to me and tell Brian that he was no longer my husband because Isaiah was now. So, sweet, I hope he always loves me more than anyone else but it's not likely. And Isaiah also loved seeing the baby pictures of Brian and I as well. He kept asking if it was him in the picture!

On our actual anniversary, we took off the afternoon and went to lunch and a movie together. It was a good time to do something, just the 2 of us. Brian wanted to see the new Indiana Jones movie but that is SO not romantic so after some arm twisting, we went to see that new movie with Patrick Dempsey (otherwise known as Dr. McDreamy) called Made of Honor. Very cute and appropriate for the day. I loved it and Brian tolerated it as any wonderful husband would!

It's been a great 9 years! Brian has been the best husband anyone could ask for. And the best father too. Thanks Brian for everything! I love you so much!


In our house, bath time equals play time. I had originally not intended to post this video because I thought it might be slightly inappropriate, you know with 2 kids naked in the bath, but after looking over it again, I think it is fine and too cute not to see. As long as no one promises to save it on your computer for future reference when Isaiah or Levi start dating! HAHA! Enjoy Levi and Isaiah laughing at each other!!!


Levi has figured out how to get up on all 4's like he is going to crawl. Luckily, he hasn't figured out how to crawl yet! Anyway, he is so funny, he does the rocking back and forth. We were able to capture some on video tonight. Make sure you have your sound on because the funniest part is listening to Isaiah cheer him on! ENJOY!


It's so great to have a long weekend. The Morgan's took it easy sort of. On Saturday morning, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Carter Brother's, which is my FAVORITE place to eat here. Strawberry pancakes - SO good! Then a trip to the grocery store - yippee! On a side note, seriously can prices of groceries get higher - apples for like 2.50 a lb. Come on!

So, on Sunday morning we went to the SPCA animal shelter again to participate in walking the dogs. Our SPCA here has a fabulous program where you can show up and pick out a dog, take the dog to the park for a long walk. It is great exercise and it does a great thing for these dogs that are living at the shelter. Isaiah was so excited. He picked out a cute little white puppy and they had a great time running around. Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the park with the dogs, but we did get to enjoy some time with them out in their yard. See video of Isaiah and Spaz, the dog!

On Sunday night, we enjoyed a lovely evening with our friend Brittany. Brittany works with Brian in athletics at HPU. We had a yummy dinner and spent some good time talking and laughing with her. And of course Isaiah thinks that anyone that comes to our house must be here to play with him. Brittany was sweet enough to play with Isaiah for awhile too. So sweet!

On Monday, we were all off work and out of school so we decided to enjoy a day at the zoo. Isaiah was beyond excited because Levi had not been to the zoo yet and he just knew that Levi was going to LOVE his first trip to the zoo. Apparently everyone else in NC had the same idea as us because the zoo was so crowded. At any rate, we had a great time. Including being almost attacked by the geese while we were eating lunch. Levi thought that was really funny. Enjoy the photos below.

On Monday night, Mark and KJ came over for dinner. Brian grilled out some steaks and they were yummy. We had strawberry shortcake for dessert that was seriously fabulous thanks to Mark and KJ and the strawberries they picked. Once again, Isaiah had a fabulous time playing with them. He loves hanging out with his aunt and uncle. All in all, it was a great weekend!!!!!!!


This video is so cute of Levi laughing! For whatever reason, he loves to be scared. If you jump out at him or anything, he just laughs. Or if you startle him in any way, most babies would cry or get upset, not our Levi - he will laugh right at your face as if to say "You can't scare me!". So here were are at dinner last night and got Levi laughing by saying BOO over and over and over again. He is so funny! Enjoy!

LEVI JUMPS (5.22.08)

Levi loves his jumper. We put him in it and he just goes to town jumping and jumping and jumping. He has actually fallen asleep several times in it as well. It's funny because even when he is tired & whinning or crying, he never stops jumping. Enjoy this short video of him jumping!


Isaiah sings "Take me out to the ballgame"! I made this with our new Flip Video Camera! I am in love with this new video camera. It is inexpensive and takes great video. And it is sooooo easy to use, sort of idiot proof which is exactly what I need. Check out the video and stay tuned for lots more videos of the kiddos.....YEAH!


Isaiah is playing soccer this year for the YMCA. His team is the Rhinos. He looks SOOO cute in his uniform with his little shin guards and shoes! He is having so much fun. He is a seriously fast runner but doesn't always stay focused on the goal. I guess he IS 4 years old. He did score 7 goals one game. His last game was Saturday, May 17th. He scored one goal. They had a little trophy ceremony afterwards and he got a trophy and thought that was the best thing ever. He can't wait to take it to show and tell this Friday at school. Thanks to everyone (Michelle, Mark, KJ, Nona and Popa) for coming and seeing Isaiah play. And thanks to Coach Michelle for taking some video of his last game, scoring his goal and getting his trophy! We love it!! (check out the videos by clicking on the links)

MOTHER'S DAY 2008 (5.11.08)

Mother's Day 2008 was wonderful! Brian and Isaiah fixed me strawberry waffles and served me in bed. Isaiah drew me a picture of our family, it is perfect. I got to take a nap in the afternoon. Then to make the day even more perfect, Brian made my favorite dinner, tacos! YUMMY!! My kids and husband are the sweetest! Thanks guys!!!