Levi took a few steps tonight and we were able to capture it on camera! His teacher at school this morning said that he had done it yesterday at school but we had not seem him until tonight. What a sweet little guy he is. Pardon the yelling and cheering on the video - obviously we were cheering him on. Also, he is making the transition from baby food to solid foods and formula to whole milk nicely. Today at school was the first day he had "real" lunch and his teachers said he did great. And he has had lots of milk and seems to have no allergy to it. He still likes the bottle at night time and morning time so that might be tougher to break than during the day. Oh well - baby steps I guess! Oh and a breakthrough this past week, Levi has learned a new word - MOMMY! He actually says mommy correctly. It is sooooooo sweet! He also says Daddy now vs. saying DaDa before. His other favorite word is UHOH. I promise to post pictures and some video from his birthday this past weekend very soon! We are having a very busy week at work with our Alumni & Family Weekend happening this weekend, so this is all I can manage tonight and I thought it was too cute to wait to post later! Enjoy!


So, for a week or so now I have been promising Isaiah we would have a sleepover. He loves more than anything to sleep with Brian or I (or us together) but NEVER gets to. We don't usually do the family bed thing but on a rare special night we might let him sleep with us or if one of us is out of town we will let him sleep in our bed. He thinks it is the biggest treat ever. So last week I had been promising him that on Friday night we could have a sleepover. Well to make things just slightly more interesting I decided to set up our 4-person tent in his room for our sleepover - campout! When he opened up his door to go into his room he was SOOOOOO excited! He kept saying "THIS IS SOOOOO COOL!" Well actually his first words were, "what the heck is this?" And then he was wowed by it! He was beyond excited! To make things even more fun I brought several games, books, coloring, and of course snacks for the sleepover. So, we stayed up and played for several hours, even learned a new song (You Ain't Nothing But a Hounddog! - Katie you would be so proud of my little man singing Elvis). It was super fun! The only downfall was that I didn't sleep at all - I mean really I did not sleep. Isaiah has a queen size bed and since I basically put his bed in the tent there was plenty of room, it was just really hot in the tent. No air circulation or something. At about 3:30 am - I felt like I had not slept at all so I got up and went to my bed. Isaiah was a little sad with me in the morning that I had gotten up but he got over it quickly. All in all it was so much fun and I know he will be asking to do it again soon. Maybe next time can be Daddy/Isaiah campover!!!!

Brian and I know for sure that Isaiah's love language is Quality Time. Well, things like this are right up his alley. Being able to spend 1 on 1 quality time with me or Brian is the most important thing to him. Needless to say we had a blast and he (of course) wanted to keep the tent in his room for now. So we let him. Levi even enjoyed climbing in the tent as well. Enjoy some pictures below!

Me and Isaiah sitting in the tent in his room!

Us again!!!

Our first game of the night was Candyland! A favorite of Isaiah's - here he is smiling away!

And finally Isaiah wouldn't let us forget to bring his pictures from his night stand in the tent with us! He has a picture (from L to R) of Ganny and Pops, he and Pops in their Bama gear, Ali, and he and Brian when he was a baby! Side note - no favoritism was shown in the selecting of these photos by myself - only Isaiah, he chose them, they are his photos on his night stand - notice my picture is no where to be found! A lot of mornings we will find these photos in the bed with him! How sweet - especially the one of Ali.

Thanks for looking at our pictures! All else is well in the Morgan household! Getting ready for Levi's birthday on Saturday. I can't believe he will be 1 - that is completely crazy! We are going to Atlanta to spend his birthday with my family for the weekend. This is a big birthday year for us - I just turned 3o, Levi will be 1 next weekend, Brian will be 40 in December and Isaiah will be 5 in Feb. All milestone birthdays for us! Oh and in other news of interest - Levi decided to eat some chalk tonight - green chalk to be exact! Brian and I walked in the playroom and there he stood aganist a chair, eating some chalk - chunks in his mouth and green all over his lips. I freaked out of course and started screaming thinking at any moment he was going to stop breathing. Brian assured me that Crayola wouldn't make something that would actually KILL a small child, even if they ate it - not even sidewalk chalk?? No, he promised me! Maybe it will just make his poop bright green - that would be really gross. Funny!!!!!! Everyone have a great week!!


So, it's been over a week since I have posted - sorry guys! Life is sometimes busy with 2 little people to deal with. Although I always have LOTS to post about, I don't always have the time to sit down and do it. Come to think of it, I shouldn't be doing this right now. I should be folding clothes, or washing more clothes, or starting dinner, or watching the kids or something else but I am choosing to do this now. So, on to the actual post............

RUGS, RUGS, and more RUGS!!!!

As you all know, Brian and I both work at High Point University. Well, apparently some generous donor who owns an oriental rug company donated LOTS of rugs to HPU. The school had tons left and decided to let the employees each select a rug for FREE! Now, we aren't talking about walmart rugs now, we are talking about REALLY nice and REALLY fancy rugs!!! I was thinking what in the world am I going to do with a fancy rug in my house, much less 2 fancy rugs, nothing else in our house is even close to fancy. Anyway, Brian and I got to each select one and we think we did pretty good. We got one large rug that measures axp. 8 feet by 10 feet and then we selected a runner for our foyer area that is slighty to long measuring 2.5 feet by 12 feet long. They are both really pretty and really nice and really fancy and I am sure really expensive, so I surely hope no one spills juice or something on one of them. Maybe one day we will have a fancy house to put our fancy rugs in! For now, we will just enjoy the rugs!!!! Enjoy the photos below - as you can see Isaiah and Lucy couldn't seem to get out of the photo!!

The Runner
The Big Rug (not unrolled all the way)

CRAZY KIDS (9.13.08)

Brian and I have totally crazy kids. And they are completely different from each other. For instance, Levi is into everything and is totally a climber. See below, notice that he is on top of the tool table and climbing up to where the TV is in the playroom! And he looks totally guilty like I caught him doing something he shouldn't be doing!
And Isaiah has a new trick - he has learned to cross his eyes! Now seriously, are 4 year olds suppose to be able to cross their eyes. I did tell him that if he kept doing that they might get stuck like that, he wasn't scared at all! He thinks it is really funny! So when I was trying to take his picture all he wanted to do was cross his eyes!
They are both musically inclined! See both below singing and also Levi playing the saxophone - Aunt Ashley would be so proud!!!
And Isaiah has some serious photography skills - see below the pictures he took with my camera! He was so proud!
Photo of his playroom!
Isaiah's TV and DVD player in his playroom - and also his click frog game and his sippy cup!
The TV - Brian was watching Georgia vs. South Carolina
And finally Koala sitting in a red circle - great artist photo you know! Hope everyone has a great weekend! And Roll Tide - Bama is winning 41-7 right now with 11 minutes to go - yeah!!!!!


Here is some video of the boys laughing and splashing in the bath tonight! They are so cute together! Enjoy!!


Today I am 30 years old! WOW - that seems impossible. I had a fabulous birthday weekend (see previous post) with my friends and family! Today I did have to go to work but woke up to a fabulous hand-drawn birthday card from Isaiah. He was so excited and proud to give it to me - how sweet!

Brian organized a little lunch for me at my favorite Gianno's with about 10 of my favorite friends from work. It was fun and of course yummy food! Then Betty (my co-worker) made me a delicious red velvet cake. It was soooooo good!!!!!

Brian, Levi and Isaiah took me out to dinner at Fire & Sticks (a local Japanese Steak House). It was so good of course. When we got home and got Levi in the bed we had some cupcakes from the Sweet Shoppe. Isaiah and Brian put a candle on top and I got to blow it out. Then he wanted a candle on his to blow out too - funny! Anywho - my 30th birthday has been so wonderful. My mom and dad, my sister, Brian and the boys and my friends made it so fabulous for me! Brian has been earning huge brownie points - and he turns 40 at the end of this year so I have got to come up with something fabulous for him for his special day!

And we can't forget that Levi's 1st birthday is in just a few weeks. Enjoy a photo of me and the boys tonight after we got home (below) and also Isaiah bringing me a cupcake (top)!


LtoR: Ashley, Jessica, ME, Joanne and April

As I am typing right now, I am sitting on a plane flying home from Alabama. What a weekend it has been. Let me first say that my husband, sister, parents and friends are the most fabulous people ever! They all surprised me with a trip home for my 30th birthday. My actual birthday is tomorrow (8th). Here is what happened:

Friday morning Brian shows up at my office. He comes in saying something like “Let’s go, we gotta go or we are going to be late!” I sort of looked at him like a mental patient because I had no idea what he was talking about. He kept saying this over and over again. He then flashes a piece of paper at my with my travel plans on it and says we have to go so I can catch my flight. So I go with him (obviously) and we head to the car. The 15 minute drive to the airport I am asking him every question you can think of and he won’t tell me anything that is going to happen. All I know is I am flying to BHAM for the weekend. I am thinking, YEAH - I get to see my family and friends!

I had horrible travels on the plane coming and going and I won’t go into any of that. I want to keep this positive! Anyway, after being very delayed on Friday, I get off the plane in BHAM thinking Ashley is picking me up and will then tell me the plan for the weekend. As I come down the escalator I see Ashley along with my 3 favorite friends: Joanne, Jessica and April! And they were holding a huge sign that says HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! How sweet - I was so excited to be there and see them all and happy that I finally made it. Hugs all around and then we jumped in the car and headed to get a pedicure. Hooray - my feet looked bad so that was super good! Then we had a fabulous dinner full of wonderful food and LOTS of laughs at The Melting Pot (enjoy the photo above from dinner)! YUMMY! The 5 of us stayed the night at Ross Bridge Marriott - which was amazing! We stayed up way too late talking of course.

Saturday morning we got up and said goodbye to sweet April because she had to make Camden’s first soccer game. Kiddos come first ya know! The rest of us went to breakfast at the hotel. Then Ashley and I were off to Tuscaloosa to see my parents. YEAH! Ashley had also made an appointment for me to get my hair cut which I had been wanting to do for weeks and didn’t have time. After that we had lunch at TACO CASA (SOOOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!)! Then off to meet my parents. My dad and I went to the BAMA game which was awesome. Now BAMA did win but they didn’t play super well. We didn’t care though, at least we got to go. It was so fun and sort of like old times with just me and my dad at the game!

This morning we slept in - hooray. It wouldn’t be a vacation without that! It was strange to just have the 4 “original” Parkers together again with no extras. We went to see my grandmother and all was fine. I always worry when I go to see her because I never know if she is going to have forgotten me or not. She has very advanced dementia (short term memory loss) and we never know when her memory loss is going to shift into her long term memory. Luckily she did know me and all was well. We went to lunch and then Ashley dropped me off at the airport! Like I said, my travel delays and such have been terrible so I won’t go in to that. I am on my way home right now and about to land in Charlotte to catch another flight to Greensboro! HOORAY - home to see my 3 favorite boys!!!! Brian is so great for taking care of our 2 precious boys this weekend while I went on this trip!!!

Let me just say again that I have the very best parents, sister, husband and friends ever! To do all of this planning and pull off something like this was so fabulous for me!! I don’t deserve something this fabulous and I surely don’t deserve family and friends like this - but I thank God every second of every day for them all! Thank you all for being so wonderful - my life would not be the same without each of you in it!!!!!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!

NO UPDATES (9.3.08)

No new things to share really, it has sort of been a blah week here. Nothing super exciting. Levi has been extra grumpy (which means he has been acting like a normal child) because he is getting his 2nd top tooth - or at least that is what we are assuming. That combined with NO sleeping at school makes a not so happy little guy. We will get through it and hopefully he is on the mend.

Both boys have lovely bruised on their foreheads. Levi was pulling up on his table in his room and wacked his head on it. And then Isaiah and I were playing a friendly game of "tug of war" with his pajamas - guess I won since I ended up with the jammie pants and Isaiah ended up hitting his noggin on a metal bar and now he has a nice bruise too. Sad times - so we totally look like a battered family right now, therefore no pictures to post.

We were BEYOND thrilled about the football game on Saturday. WOW - what a game. We had no idea that they would do so well. Seriously, it was awesome. Ironically, watching football games is one of the things that makes me miss Alabama the most. My family, when I was growing up, always went to BAMA games and it was a huge deal. Saturday mornings, on game days, usually started with a playing of YEA ALABAMA on the record player (oh yeah - the record player, can you believe that) of the Million Dollar Band performing. AHHHHH - the good ole' days. Anyway, so watching football games and the excitement I feel in my heart when the team runs out on the field just reminds me how much I miss home and so wish I could be there. But life goes on and THANK YOU LORDIE for ESPN Game Plan so we won't miss a single game this year - HOORAY!!!!!!!

Oh and on other bad news - our stinkin' vacuum cleaner broke. UGH! So we go to walmart to replace it. Seriously, how can there be a vacuum that is $20 and one that is $400. It sucks the dirty and for us dog hair and cheerios off the floor. I just don't get it. Well, we bought the el-cheapo one because hey, we have 2 kids to feed so we can't afford the fancy one. We got it home and realized why it was only $20 because it DOESN'T REALLY WORK. It sucks up some of the stuff (and I use some quit liberally) but for sure not all. Great - guess we should have opted for the fancier one. Oh well - who likes dog hair everywhere - come for a visit!

Alrighty, off to bed for now. Brian took Isaiah to an away soccer game tonight and no doubt they are having a great time. Levi is fast asleep and has been since about 6:30 tonight (remember me mentioning the no sleeping at school) and Lucy is wondering around licking the floor for any dropping that might have been left over from the 2 kiddos. Oh and I did catch Levi feeding - YES feeding Lucy some cheerios off his highchair tray earlier tonight. No wonder she won't leave us alone when we are eating - on of our own is feeding her for crying out loud.

Guess I did have alot to say, maybe someone will read it! Bye for now!!!!!