TRICK-or-TREATING (10.31.08)

The boys had a great time trick-or-treating tonight. Isaiah counted up his candy and he got 48 pieces - WOW - that's alot! Levi got alot too. Looks like me and Brian have lots of candy to help eat. We did have a few trick-or-treaters at our house but only a few before we left to head out ourselves. Isaiah got tired towards the end so I ended up carrying him - not fun carrying a 40 plus lb kid! After we got home we headed up to the men's soccer game for a bit and Isaiah redistributed some of his candy to everyone. Fun times!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy more pictures below!
Above is Levi the Elephant (age 13 months) and below is Isaiah the elephant (age 9 months) - same costume. Levi is little for his age - Isaiah was big! RECYCLYING is great!!!!! People comment alot on how they look alike and I normally don't think so at all but seeing just their little faces in the costume I guess they do sort of favor each other!!


HAPPY HALLOWEEEN to everyone from The Morgan's!!
I will post more pictures of the boys trick-or-treating!


I ended up going to Alabama last weekend to visit with my parents. My mom was sick, we thought at one point that she had a blood clot in her lung but it turned out to be pneumonia. She is feeling much better now so that is great news!

The highlights of the weekend included BAMA beating UT - ROLL TIDE!!! It was super fun to watch the Bama game with my parents and sister. The original family together again cheering on the Tide - it doesn't get much better than that! I took Isaiah with me and he and I got to sneak up to B-ham to see some of my friends. My very best friend April celebrated her birthday on Friday and so we went up to see her for a few hours. Here is a picture of Isaiah and Owen (her middle child)! Those 2 had the best time playing together. We also enjoyed seeing Jessica and Joshua and I missed see you Joanne and the babies (hope they are both feeling better)!!

We made the 9 hour drive to Tuscaloosa on Thursday and then made it again on Sunday on the way home. Isaiah and I had a good time and are very thankful that GANNY is AOK!!!!!

MARK AND KJ (10.29.08)

I am adding a new blog link to the right side here. You can go and check out Brian's little brother Mark and his wife KJ's page. They are starting the process of adoption and have all their updates on their blog. Check it out!!!


So, I am once again, WAYYYY behind in posting these. I am going to try and get 2 post done tonight but we will see how that actually goes.

(Levi at the pumpkin patch - what a cutie he is!!!!)

Ok, we carved the pumpkin. Well first we went to the pumpkin patch and bought one, Isaiah picked it out. It might have been the biggest pumpking there but hey, you tell a 4 year old he can pick whatever one he wants, you just don't know what you are going to get. So, it is big! He and Brian carved it, a crazy little face! I bought the candle and we gave him a name - BOB! His official name is Bob-o-lantern Morgan - or at least that is what Isaiah said. Bob for short though. Bob has gotten a few ants in his head but he is still going strong. Enjoy the pictures below and of course Isaiah thought the insides of Bob's head were GROSS!
Daddy and Isaiah before carving the pumpkin

Levi eating a ritz cracker during all the pumpkin carving fun!


The finished product! Larger than your average household pumpkin!

Bob-o-lantern sitting on the front porch!

Mom posing with Bob, Levi and Isaiah

And of course Dad posing with Bob, Isaiah and Levi as well!


Isaiah's class took a trip to the pumpkin patch earlier this week. They had a ball! They took a hayride and each got to pick out a pumpkin to bring home. Brian went with them because I guess we are still seriously over protective parents and won't let Isaiah ride in the transportation provided, we would prefer to drive him. No seriously, last year all of the other parents in his class went with their kids as well so this year Brian was going to go with Isaiah. He was the only parent that went, so it was 7 kids, Brian and Isaiah's 2 teachers. OOPS!!! Anyway, enjoy a few pictures of Isaiah and his classmates at the pumpkin patch!!

TOTAL SLACKER (10.14.08)

So, for all of you readers out there who have been thinking I am a total slacker for not posting more, you are right! I AM! I am sorry! Here goes our last weeks updates (nothing to exciting I promise)!

Last week Levi went to the doctor for his 1 year check up. He was 19 lbs 4 oz (still in the 10%) and something like 31 inches tall (pretty normal for his age). As some of you know I have been slightly concerned about his weight because when I took him at his 9 month check up, one of the doctors (not the one we normally see) sort of made me think he wasn't gaining enough weight. Seriously this kid eats alot so I was sort of stressed. Well, we went back to our favorite Dr. Poston this time for his year visit and she wasn't worried in the least. She said as long as he is eating and he has fat pads on his thighs and arms, we were ok. Check - he has that! So, I am less worried. We have ALMOST completely made the transition to milk/sippy cup. He is having lots of milk in a sippy cup all day long but we haven't broken him away from the night time bottle yet. He just loves it sooooo much and I can't possibly think of taking it away from him. I still have been giving him formula though as not to confuse him with the milk in a bottle situation. Plus, I think he likes it because it is warm too and I am not going to get in the habit of heating milk up for him at night because we will NEVER break him of it then! I promised Dr. Poston to be done with it by...............our next appt at 18 months - hahaha! No seriously, maybe another week (or 2 or 3) of it and we will be done. HEHE - it's the last baby thing, ok maybe I have the problem here. I will work on that!

Isaiah is being funny as ever! He is selling cookie dough for his class at school. The cookie dough is really, really (I mean seriously really) good but it is sort of pricey. He has been hitting up all our family members (that are close enough to pick it up) and still has a few more to go so be on the lookout if you haven't received your call. He is quite the salesman. My mother had more than done her share by buying 3 tubs of cookie dough when he asked to speak to POPS and suckered him into getting another tub. He was then so excited about selling 4 tubs at one time! He just couldn't believe it. Then he turned around to me and said "Hey, POPS got the M&M cookies and I wanted those too!" I then explained that more than 1 person can get each kind because they have plenty. OHHHHH..... got it MOM!

In other funny Isaiah stories, tonight in the bathtub I noticed a large bug bite on the top of his foot. Here is the conversation that followed:

MOM: Isaiah, what's that big red place on your foot?

Isaiah: It's a bug bite!

MOM: It's really big - what kind of bug bit you?

Isaiah: A REALLY big bug, I think it was one of those YELLOW JACKS.

MOM: Oh really, you think it was a Yellow JACK??

Isaiah: For sure, those Yellow JACKS they have really big mouths so they make really big bite marks!

MOM: Got it!

Note to self, stay away from those dreaded Yellow Jacks (known to the rest of the world that don't live in Isaiah land as Yellow JACKETS)!

Brian is doing fine, working hard as usual. He is trying to finish up his MBKB media guide so that is consuming alot of his free time.

I have taken up a new hobby (because you know I am bored alot), reading. Anyone heard of it. JK. Really I am not much of a reader really but my sister and mom suggested some Nicholas Sparks books and BOY - they are gooooooood! I read The Wedding first, it is the sequel to The Notebook (as I am sure some of you have seen that movie)! It was such a sweet love story, very good! Then my sister says, you have got to read The Guardian next. So I went and checked it out at the library on Saturday. OH MY- I finished it last night! That is the best book ever. I must admit there were some parts that I wasn't expecting and what I thought the book was about, well it wasn't. But it was really, really, really, really good. And it draws you in from the introduction. You are hooked from the beginning. Now you must be asking when have I had time in 2 1/2 days to read a 360 page book, well I don't know really. It just happened. I couldn't put it down. I actually thought seriously about not going to work yesterday so I could stay home and finish it but I didn't. I highly recommend it - reading this book that is, not going to work to stay home and read it, bad idea!

Alright, enough for now! I have to go and watch The Biggest Loser while I eat my ice cream, haha!!! Promise to write more often or at least I promise I will try to write more often! Love you all!!


Well, I am officially a complete slacker for not putting all of this up sooner! Here is some video from Levi's birthday!! What a cutie he is! He really enjoyed his cupcake. There are 2 quick videos of him playing with his new toys and also saying HI and MOMMY (of course I have to post that one)! My dad took all the video of him eating his cupcake so I will post the link for that video, it is about 15 minutes long so it is too long to upload here. So enjoy the videos! And the couple of photos!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!