We are totally ready for the Bama game tonight. The boys and Brian are all decked out in their Bama gear. I didn't wear my shirt because I don't want us to look super crazy at the grocery store this morning plus my shirt was dirty! Enjoy the pictures and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
Levi and Lucy!

Have you ever seen more blue eyes??

Daddy and Levi - Levi sporting his jersey!

The boys and Lucy!

Check out Levi's tooth!


So apparently I am going crazy with all the pictures of the kids but they are tooooo cute not to post on here! Enjoy a few more or maybe like 20 more!
Sweet picture of the boys in their BAMA gear!

Ok, so here is the sequence for these 2 photos - the kids were jumping off this ledge and we were trying to get a shot of them both jumping at the same time. I say "Isaiah - hold Jolea's hand and you guys jump together". So first picture is that happening - very sweet, they seem to be smiling at each other. AWWWW! Second picture is Isaiah already jumping, still holding Jolea's hand and Jolea has not jumped. OOPPPPPSSSSS! That means that yes, Isaiah pulled Jolea down (accidentally of course) and Jolea face planted on the cement! GREAT! Then lots of tears. I thought her nose was broken for sure - then I asked Ashley - did you get that picutre??
Sweet Isaiah trying to get the other 2 to sit for a picture - not happening obviously!

Jolea looking sweet until she said "I QUIT" to us and walked away! She was done having her picture made!!!

Isaiah making a goofy smile!!
And a pretty smile this time!

Sweet little Lev!!!!

Everyone looks ok here but was looking at the wrong camera -dang it - we can't get it right!

My new favorite picture of me and the boys - Levi take your hand out of your mouth!

Isaiah is trying to kiss Levi - he obviously doesn't like it -and is Jolea picking her nose???
I thought this picture was sweet - they look sort of mischievous!
And here making silly faces!

Again Isaiah smiling really big!

Sweet little Levi again!

And another great pic of the boys!!!!
I promise that is all the picture sharing for now! Of course until I get more great pictures to share! Thanks for looking! Obviously I think the kiddos are quite cute!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy 11th Month Birthday LEVI!!!!! In exactly one month our little baby will be 1 year old - that is sooooooo hard to believe!!! So, Levi is still cruising around the furniture, crawling like a crazy man, eating more regular foods all the time, and is the happiest little guy ever (well, most of the time)!!!
Ok, so I confess I didn't remember it was his 11th month b-day until he had already gone to bed tonight. He didn't sleep AT ALL at school so he was a train wreck when we got home and in bed by 7 pm. Poor Levi - he was so tired! So, I went sneaking into his room after he was already asleep and this is what I found. Let me just point out all the wonderful things wrong with this picture..........
  1. The GIANT bruise on his forhead he got this morning when he pulled himself up on his nightstand and bonked his head - OUCH!!!!
  2. Mickey (otherwise known to us as mik mik) is dangerously close to the "stinky zone"! Watch out Mik Mik - hope there is no gas!!
  3. Is that a PINK PIG you are holding on to Levi??? OH YEAH!
  4. ORANGE paci - you got it - orange is such a terrible color (you know Auburn and Florida use it so it is bad) so that paci only stays in the bed because we can't possibly take it out in public.
  5. His position - I am thinking he is going to be feeling SOO not good in the morning if he continues to sleep that way!
  6. AND LAST.......can someone change his bed sheet it looks seriously stained up - like he took his diaper off in the middle of the night and peed all over it and put it back on. GEEZ - we will be changing that in the morning!

At any rate - enjoy your sleep Lev - we love you and happy 11th month birthday!!!!!


More Lucy pictures - she is doing great and we are loving having her in our family! Her favorite place is on the couch next to me or Brian. And you can see she is getting lots of lovin'. Not sure why her eyes look like that in these pictures but she has normal looking eyes - not piercing super eyes!!!


Ashley and Jolea are here for a visit this week. So we took the kiddos up to the school to take some pictures of them. Let me just say that it is impossible to get a good picture of 3 children like this! I mean Ashley and I were totally exhausted after we got done. Oh my, it was insane! But here are some of them that turned out ok! Of course we had a clothes change which only added to the frustration of the children! Anyway, enjoy the photos - not sure what the white is around the photos - I will try to correct that soon!!!!

Levi says "Brother you are hugging me tooooooo tight!!"

Jolea looking so pretty in her outfit!

Isaiah is always the ham!

Sweet picture of the brothers in their matching shirts!!!

Kisses!!! Levi doesn't like this either obviously!
Take 1 on group photo!

Take 2 on group photo!

And take 3 on group photo - how hard is it to get 3 children under 5 years old to look at you at the same time - apparently pretty hard!!!!!

Isaiah HAM again!!!

Isaiah loves to hug - Jolea not so excited about it!

Sweet little Levi wanting to eat the grass!!!

OLD PHOTOS (8.26.08)

These are old photos but they are tooooooooo precious not to share! These were taken at my friend Joanne's mom's house over Thanksgiving of last year when all of us were in Tuscaloosa for the holidays! These are some of my very best friends children. As you can see we all had little ones at the same time. I can't believe how little Levi was!!!
From left to right: Kathryn (ONLY GIRL OF THE BUNCH) & Paul Brasseal (twins of Joanne McCrary Brasseal), Joshua Balentine (son of Jessica Bostick Balentine), Jace Olvey (son of Brooke Ballard Olvey), Ethan Simpson (son of Shelley Stewart Simpson), and of course my 2 Isaiah and Levi.

And of course 2 cutie pictures of my little ones! Isaiah was almost 4 here and Levi was 2 months!!! SO CUTE!

BLOG HEADER (8.26.08)

A new blog header coming soon................we have to add Lucy to the family!!!!!!!



Lucy is our newest family member! As many of you know, we lost our sweet Ali over a year ago. She was the sweetest doggie and we miss her dearly. For some time now Isaiah has been asking daily when we could get another dog. I think Brian and I both just felt like we weren't ready. So, we decided it was time to fulfill his request and also felt like we were "ready" to love another animal. So, we went to the local animal shelter earlier this week and saw LOTS of dogs. I mean they had A LOT of dogs! Well over 100 for sure. There were so many we just couldn't pick one from another. So we decided to go back again for another look. We had spotted a boxer mix that we really liked named Hazel. She was super cute but when we got to play with her yesterday she seemed afraid of us so we knew she wasn't the right one for us. Brian spotted Lucy in a cage sitting quietly and said, "Look at her ears - she's cute - let's get her out!" We took her outside and LOVED her. She played with us, Levi pulled on her ears and she didn't even notice so we knew she was perfect. She is a Lab/Hound mix, a female obviously, she is about 1 year 9 months old - DOB listed as November 2006 so she is almost 2. She is very, very sweet and gentle and has adjusted so well to being here at our house. She already loves the backyard but her favorite spot is on the couch looking out the window. The craziest thing of all is that she was taken in to the shelter as a stray dog in Feb of this year. We couldn't believe she could be at the shelter for that long. Poor girl - it was her time to find a family. That also gave us some comfort knowing that animals there are not just there for a few days and then - you know "sent to doggie heaven"! I guess that is the most heartbreaking thing of all when you go in there is to think that some of those animals will never walk out with a family. But as Brian said, we can only rescue one at a time! Lucy is already wearing an ALABAMA dog collar that we must have had for Ali but never used. She looks like she fits right in to our family! YEAH - we are so excited to have Lucy as part of our family now!
Funny thing is that when we went to the shelter the first time, we basically said, no black dogs and no labs. We just didn't want a dog that was like Ali. We just thought it would be best for us to venture out and find another kind of dog, I guess so it didn't feel like we were replacing Ali. But after looking over 100's of dogs, we choose a dog that is a lab mix just like Ali. I guess some people are just attracted to certain kinds of dogs and that must be our thing. At any rate, we are super excited about her. The boys both are loving her lots. Levi just laughs at her, it is so cute! And she did perfect last night in her crate. We just can't believe how great she has done adjusting to being here after being at the shelter for so long! Enjoy a few more pictures below. I will try to take one of her and the boys too.

MIX & MATCH DAY (8.20.08)

The boys had mix and match day today. So, Isaiah was decked out in his camo pants, Hawaiian shirt and blue shoes - talk about a combo, that surely didn't match. But he sure looked cute! And of course Levi was dressed in his navy & khaki shirt with his light blue and red shorts. Obviously you can see that Levi is happier than ever in the picture but for whatever reason Isaiah didn't want to cooperate with his picture being taken so no smile from him. Anyway, enjoy the photo!

Oh and I almost forgot - Levi has another tooth now! That makes 3! Two bottom ones in the center and now the right top one in the middle. He seems to have done well with the whole tooth thing - he just drools like someone turned on a faucet in his mouth but other than that he does fine with it - knock on wood!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!!! Ashley and Jolea are coming this weekend and Isaiah is sooooooo excited!!! YEAH!

PAJAMA DAY (8.18.08)

Today was pajama day at the kid's school. They are having some sort of Spirit Week at school this week and they have been asked to dress a certain way each day. So today was PJ day and both kids headed into school this morning in their PJ's. Not the ones that they slept in the night before, I put clean ones on them I assure you. Anyway, when both boys went into class - NO ONE ELSE had their PJ's on. WHAT - that makes me so angry that no one else followed the rules and was participating in this. The school works hard to put together stuff like this for the kids and then no other parents participate. So anyway, Isaiah was the only one in his class thus far this morning that was wearing his jams(our shortened word for PJ's)! Oh well - he didn't care though, he was so excited that he got to wear his jams to school. Anyway, I took a picture of them this morning for everyone to see how cute they looked!!!!!!


So, as you can see my blog has gotten a facelift! My sister and I found all this cool stuff were you can add a background and then Ashley created a header for me that matched (THANKS ASHLEY). I know, it's kind of girly but hey, with 3 boys in my house I need some girlyness (is that actually a word)!!! So, enjoy!!!!!

TODAY (8.16.08)

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are having a great weekend. We haven't been doing much this weekend so far. Here is some video of Levi waving that we took last night after dinner. He is so funny waving. If you wave at him he will just wave, it is really cute to see him learning new things. He will also occassionally say "bye bye" at you while waving but we weren't fortunate enough to catch that on camera. Levi's vocabulary consist of "da da", "bye bye", "ma ma"(only when he is tired or hurt will he say my name) and his latest giberish is "night night" which he only says right before bedtime at night. So cute!!! He is growing up and has mastered his sippy cup and is cruising around all the furniture. He has also started eating some more solid stuff too and seems to be doing better with that. Although he still prefers baby food!

And how about these Olympics - we have been watching almost every night. Or I should say Brian has been watching because I usually go to bed before anything good happens. Actually last night I had already gone to bed and Brian went back to his office to get some work done and he called me after Michael Phelps won his medal again. He said I had to go downstairs and turn on the TV to see it on replay. WOW - it was close! And Isaiah has enjoyed watching some of it too.

Speaking of Isaiah, he and Brian went to a PGA golf tournament today and had fun! Isaiah wasn't sure if he wanted to go but we talked him into it and they had a great time! They were both decked out in their ugly golf shirts, hats and of course sunscreen!!! Isaiah especially liked the people who held their arms up to tell people to be quiet - maybe I should try that, I don't think it would work so well here at home. But when I asked him what his favorite part of going he said (as any 4 year old would) getting to ride the bus from the parking over to the golf course. HAHA! Enjoy the below picture of Brian and Isaiah before they left!

Anywho - we are trying out yet another new church tomorrow on our quest to find a church we like. It should be fun! I will post if anything interesting happens! Hope everyone enjoy the rest of their weekend!!!

NONA COOKIES (8.15.08)

A message to Nona from Isaiah about his sacred Nona Cookies!


Here are a few pictures, as promised, of the cousins together. Eliza and Brady are both soooooo sweet and I think Isaiah really loved having them here to play with. We tried to get a couple of good pictures of them. ENJOY!


Isaiah and Levi got to go swimming tonight! Nona and Popa, Sarah (Brian's sister) and her kiddos Eliza and Brady are here for a visit. They are staying at a local hotel and so after dinner tonight we took the kids swimming. Actually Brian got in the pool with them, not me. Anyway, Levi really loved the pool, it was his first time in a "real" pool. The only other time he has been in the pool was in a little baby pool in the backyard. And he loved it - he is so not afraid of the water. In the tub he just splashes around, gets on his belly and has a good time. Isaiah however is slightly afraid of the water. He is very skiddish and it takes him awhile to feel comfortable. Both kids had a great time. Levi had to get out early because his skin is just so sensitive that he started getting all red after about 15 minutes. I guess his skin couldn't handle the chemicals in the pool. Bless his heart - surely his skin is going to grow out of this. Anyway after some special lotion tonight he will be fine I am sure. No pictures or video of Isaiah but some of Levi enjoying the pool for the first time. We have enjoyed our visit with Nona and Popa, Sarah, Eliza and Brady! Eliza and Isaiah have had fun playing - we told Isaiah that Eliza was his Twin Cousin - they were born on the same day. So, it's fun to see them playing together - and they shockingly have alot of similarities in personality as well - both very strong willed. We will spend some time with them again tomorrow and I will get some pictures of all the kids together! For now enjoy these photos and videos! Off to bed for now!

DISH FAIRY #2 (8.9.08)

Some of you know that Brian is also known in our house as the "Dish Fairy"! We call him that because he loves to do the dishes - wait I should rephrase that - he almost always does the dishes because I HATE to do it. We also call him that because it seems that as soon as I or Isaiah place something in the sink, literally within seconds it is cleaned and placed on the drying rack, it is sort of scary like we have a little fairy that comes behind us. Oh and we also don't have a dishwasher so Brian does ALOT of dishes! Well, apparently Levi has decided he might be a dish fairy too one day. The other day Brian was standing at the sink, his normal spot, and doing some dishes and Levi was standing next to him banging on the cabinet - I think he was trying to say "Daddy, pick me up and let me learn how to wash the dishes too!!!!" HAHA!!!!!!!! Ya right!