Yesterday was the annual HPU Children's Christmas party! It is always so fun and Isaiah really likes it. Santa comes and bring each child a gift. Isaiah and Levi looked so cute in their matching sweaters so we took a few pictures after it was over. Isaiah got a little red backpack with some toy cars in it. And Levi got a little toy with a hammer - great! Levi was so excited to see Santa. He really loves characters - or really anything like that so I knew he would really like Santa and he sure did! It was funny. Anyway, only a week until we go to Alabama for Christmas!
Hope everyone is doing great! Oh and I and my family would really appreciate some prayers for my sister tomorrow. She is having surgery in the morning and while we expect things to go fine, we are still very anxious for her. A few extra prayers would be appreciated by all!!!


Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted anything new. SLACKER AGAIN! Oh well, please forgive me. So as you see above from the pictures, I was trying to get a cute picture of the boys the other day and no such luck. One of them is always looking the other direction or something. OH WELL - and if you are wondering if we traded Levi in for the girl version, we didn't! His hair is just insanely long and he will be getting a hair cut when we get to Alabama at Christmas time. Until then, we will just have to suffer through everyone calling him a girl, and it does happen on a regular basis! Oh well - he is a cutie, what can I say!
Otherwise, we are doing fine. Anxiously awaiting being off work for awhile and going to visit my family. Christmas should be super fun! More pictures to come soon!!!! Hope everyone else is doing great!!!