You know how when you are on the computer or doing something else, and your house is all of a sudden very quiet, and you know none of your children are asleep??? That can only mean one thing, someone is doing something they should not be doing!
Well, just a few moments ago, this is where I found Levi - STANDING on my bathroom counter, and playing with my toothbrush! I should have grabbed him down ASAP, but instead I ran in the kitchen and grabbed the camera, took his picture and then grabbed him down and gave him a stern, NO NO! Whatever, he didn't care, he just ran off!!
Then not 2 mintues later, he ran right into the extra bathroom, crawled up on the bathroom counter and got Isaiah's toothbrush, and then strolled right back into the living room with Isaiah's toothbrush! When I went to take his picture, he gave me this "I KNOW I AM DOING SOMETHING I SHOULD NOT BE DOING, BUT DON'T I LOOK CUTE GRIN!" How could I resist, so I snapped another few pictures!
Do you think he is trying to tell us that he wants to brush his teeth more??? So funny! He looks adorable and everyone notice his new shorter hair! What a cutie he is!!!!!
NOTE TO SELF: keep all bathroom doors closed at all times!!!!

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Kelly said...

Cute! Our boys had that same outfit, too! LOVE his haircut!