We have been busy meeting some of our "backyard neighbors" as Isaiah calls them. We have bunnies ALL the time. We even got some bunny food for them and they seem to like it. A week or so ago when we had lots of rain, we found a BIG turtle up next to our sidewalk in the back, I didn't get his picture though. Isaiah named him TOOT and has been asking when Toot will come back to visit us again. He was quite concerned that he was a snapping turtle but after Brian picked him up we realized he wasn't. We also have frogs as well. We found a baby frog in our house the other night, yikes! Now I am fine with them being outside but inside is another story. And our human neighbors next door have a little frog habitat thing that they have 5 or 6 frogs in, Levi saw it the other day and went CRAZY over it, it was so funny! We are going to have to try and catch some frogs too! Needless to say our backyard is a little boys dream! Just as long as we don't see any "no shoulders" I will be fine!!!! (AKA snakes) Enjoy the pictures of the bunnies I took this morning, there was 2 outside when we got up!

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